The Mystery of Solar Fire (part 5)

Please read the first four parts of this series before this one.  Some fundamental concepts are developed which must be understood before moving on to this post. The Mystery of Solar Fire (part 4).

I do a lesson with my astrology students where I ask them to track transits of the Sun to major, ongoing transits in the chart.  For example, the transiting Sun aspecting a long term conjunction of Venus and Neptune, in either the natal or progressed charts.   These long term transits from outer planets are usually fretted over for the duration of the aspect, and cause a lot of stress for the new astrologer who is always waiting for the bad shoe to fall.  The students usually come back to me surprised, and with a new found respect for the Sun’s consolidating energy, because they see the ‘story’ of the contact unfolding as the Sun transits around the chart,  making its series of aspects to the temporary conjunction.  We normally don’t pay too much attention to what the Sun is doing;  like the Moon, it moves around too quickly for us to bother with it.  But if you observe the movements of the Sun within the greater scheme of the chart, what it reveals is very impressive.  If you apply this observation to any aspect, any point or any angle, the Sun will reveal the inherent meaning of the contact.  Suddenly, it will ‘make sense’ in a way it never has before.

The position and movement of the progressed Sun is even more powerful, a subject too complicated to get into here.  But if the Sun represents the creative energy behind our lives, then the progressed Sun pinpoints where that energy is focused right now.  When the progressed Sun tightly aspects anything in the progressed or natal charts, particularly by hard aspect, it is often accompanied by life-altering events.   The progressed Sun can trigger seemingly innocent aspects that we would normally not think much about.  For example, I once watched fame come to someone whose progressed Sun opposed a  wide natal Jupiter/Neptune conjunction that had also become exact by progression.   The progressed Sun was exact to the progressed conjunction within only a couple of minutes when the initial project was broadcast, bringing him to the attention of the public in a massive way.   Of course, there were other aspects to consider, but the progressed Sun aspect dominated.  No aspect made by the progressed Sun should go unremarked.

Significant times for the progressed Sun are those times when it changes signs or natal houses.  The usual ‘cushion’ for measuring progressions involves a one degree margin on either side of exact.  This may feel true for planets, but I’ve found that the Sun’s influence is felt sooner and remains longer.  The Sun moves at roughly one degree per year, therefore spending up to 3o years in one sign.  Its crossing is a major life phase, a shift from one way of being to the next.  As it moves through the late degrees of a sign, it sums up, it ties up loose ends and begins looking to the future.  There is usually a very strong shift of energy or focus that is hard for the person to define.  They’ve changed, but they can’t put their finger on how or why.  They will try to go about doing things in a different way.  Somewhat like the energy of a progressed new Moon, it’s a new beginning, and fraught with the dangers of all beginnings.  The Sun knows what it’s doing, but our old lunar habits may drag us down until we can find a new way forward.  As the Sun progresses through a sign and makes new aspects, we find new avenues for its energy.  We are ‘lit up’ in a new way, by new adventures.

Tapping into the Sun’s great power will provide us with both the guidance and the energy to create a purposeful life.  There is a tradition in meditation which tells us that we each have a Watcher inside of us, a higher version of ourselves, all knowing and all understanding, whispering to us,  leading the way.  This is the Sun speaking to us.  If we follow just a few of his urgings, we’ll end up, content and fulfilled, in places we never expected.

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