New Synastry Series

Since my three part piece on angles and the Shadow in synastry, The Roving “I,” has proved so popular, I’ve decided to devote more time to synastry issues.  There is a lot of ‘cookbook’ synastry on the ‘net, which is fine, but it only takes you so far.  You can find out, for example, what comforts someone if they’ve got a Leo Moon, but not so much on what to think when their second house is messed up (sorry, challengedbut you know what I mean) and they don’t value themselves.  The second house relates to relationship in a direct way, but nobody tells you that.

So from now on I’ll be tackling synastry issues at least twice a week.  Every Tuesday I’ll be doing a synastry post.  I’d like to spend each Friday answering your questions on synastry.  Don’t be shy.  I’ll answer questions on all levels, from the most basic to the most complex.  Please be specific.  (I’m still figuring out a way to post charts here; when I do, we can get into more complicated sessions.) You can leave your questions in the comments boxes, or email me at

I’m looking forward to our discussions.

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