Research Request: Soul Stickies

From time to time, I’m going to be asking for your help. Astrological research is necessary. We need to move the art forward. One way is to come up with a theory or an observation about something and then go through our databases to see if our ideas are backed up by the evidence. The other way is to glean information through the stories that people tell us. With new material, and uncharted territory, these stories take on a greater significance.

At the moment, I’m researching an experience that I believe has astrological correlations. And it’s the kind of thing that you can’t research by looking through databases, because I need the stories—who has experienced this thing, how did it happen, when did it happen? And I’ll need your data to back it up.

This phenomenon is something I’ve been calling Mnemonic Pingbacks, and is particularly related to relationships. Mnemonic means ‘pertaining to memory.’ I think most of us have an idea what pingbacks are, even though the word isn’t in the dictionary yet. For the uninitiated, a pingback is a reference back linking one site to another. Those little highlighted words you click to get to somewhere else, which often send us careening down the information highway.

The mnemonic pingbacks I’m referring to can happen at any time. This is the scenario: someone or something new comes into your life. There is a particularly intense attraction/connection. You become enchanted with him/her/it; the connection seems to have a purpose. And suddenly, without thinking much about it, memories start rising in your consciousness– particular times or incidents or people in your life that connect you to this person or thing. And these memories that rise are suddenly remembered in vivid detail, with great significance. As if your soul put a sticky on the incident that said, “Pay attention. We’re coming back to this later.” Though this person or thing is new in your life, it seems, from your memories, that the whole thing was set up long ago. And one part of you, the part that put the sticky on, has always been watching, waiting for it.

I’ve been looking out for these mnemonic patterns for a while now, and have some ideas about astrological correlations, but in order to really understand them I will need more data. If this sort of thing has happened to you, or happens repeatedly, let me know your stories. I would need your birth data. Optional is the data of the other person, or incident, if you have it, or the data for any significant memories you recall. All data will be kept private. I’m going to be working with progressions, so the more accurate you are, the better.

Please email any info to me at

Thanks in advance for your time and participation.


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