Follow Up on “Jupiter Meets Uranus”

Recently I featured astrologer and writer Anne Whitaker’s book, Jupiter Meets Uranus. (Visit the feature here.) We’re due for another shocking wallop from the cosmos soon–Jupiter and Uranus will meet once again, and this time all of us with planets in early cardinal and late mutable degrees should be on our toes. Thanks to Anne, we have no excuses. (I’m particularly interested in the fact that it will first conjunct exact in Aries, then conjunct retrograde in Pisces. Will we ‘boldly go…” and then say, “Oops, we’re not finished with the Pisces wacky yet?)

Due to the interest the Jupiter/Uranus phenomenon has generated, Anne has begun a blog on the topic, and I encourage everyone to pop over and read her valuable insights. If you have questions or comments or would like to contribute to Anne’s database, please visit the new blog, Jupiter Meets Uranus.

See you there!

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