Update: Classes and Counseling

I have one opening still available for the series of five lessons on interpreting Secondary Progressions. These classes are severely limited–I can take on only a handful of students at a time for these, because the work is so intensive–so if you are considering the lessons, and want to begin soon, please get in touch with me. A thorough understanding of the natal chart is necessary as a prerequisite.

I’ve also had a lot of inquiries recently from people who did not want a full natal reading, but had questions on one or two topics. I’m available for this kind of consultation at my usual fee of $50 per hour. Questions should be specific to one or two areas. Synastries are too complex to be handled this way, but if there are specific questions about the relationship I may consider it. Please email me with your areas of concern and I’ll see what I can do.

The class on the nodes described below is still available. The weekend slots are filling up, so if you are interested please let me know.

I will be offering new courses in the Summer, which I will announce shortly. One series will be a set of four lessons on interpreting the major asteroids, both in the natal and in synastry. And depending on whether I have time to prepare it, I may be offering a comprehensive class in synastry. Stay tuned.

Here is the description of the class on the nodes. I hope some of you consider it, because a comprehensive understanding of the Nodes will give you the ability to see more deeply into the chart than you ever have before.

Class on Interpreting the Nodes:
People have been coming to me recently with a lot of questions about interpreting the Nodes. The Moon’s Nodes are our quickest answer to the question, “Where have we come from and what are we here to do?” They provide the spiritual framework for the planetary energy in the chart, both individually and in synastry.

But interpreting the Nodes is not merely a case of looking at the sign and house they fall in. The Nodes relate to the interaction of the Sun and the Moon, of spirit and matter, and the phasal relationship of the lights has to be taken into consideration, as well as their dispositors. We then have to go back to the Nodes and interpret them regarding the state and position of the planets that rule them. Consolidating and synthesizing all of this information is a challenge, but ultimately, a rewarding one.

Beginning April 5th, I will be offering single, one to one sessions on nodal interpretation. This lesson will last 90 minutes and will cost $65 dollars. I will take you, step by step, through the process of understanding the role of the lunar nodes and their influence on the chart. We will also be covering the influence of transiting nodes on the natal chart, and the meaning of the nodal cycle. I will be providing charts, and we will also use some charts of your choosing. All lessons will be done by phone.

If you’re interested, please email me at alcuin9@gmail.com to schedule.



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