Last Opportunity for Off the Cuff Readings

There are still some slots available for the Off the Cuff natal readings. If you are considering one of these readings, please email me at to schedule. As I’ve mentioned, due to writing and teaching commitments I will not be offering these until sometime around the next solstice. It’s not possible for me to extend the deadline, and June 21st will be the final cut off date.

For those of you new to the site, these Off the Cuff readings are spontaneous natal chart readings. We can discuss anything you like, including what’s ahead for you in terms of progressions and transits. The difference between these and regular natal chart readings is that they’re shorter (45 minutes) and I don’t do any intensive preparation before we start, or provide any written material. The fee for these readings is 42 US dollars, payable through Paypal. I will give you payment details when you schedule.

Thanks, and Happy Solstice.


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