The Advanced Synastry Course

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I’ve had requests from a number of you for a more formal synastry course which would consolidate and go deeper into the material that I’ve introduced in this blog. This advanced course will cover in depth the psycho-sexual dynamics of the individual natal charts and apply this to chart comparison. We will focus on why people come together and how to determine what their purpose is for the time that the relationship exists. We will also re-examine and redefine some of the synastry cliches and take a new look at the relationship planets and how they operate in a chart from a spiritual point of view.

This is not the Relationship Course in Secondary Progressions that I mentioned earlier this year. That course will be taught in the autumn.

The one on one progressions lessons I taught in the first half of this year were very successful, so I’m structuring this course in much the same way. Each Lesson will be 45 minutes to an hour (usually an hour) and will be conducted over the telephone, preferably at the same time each week (I will phone you.). I will send you charts ahead of time, and for some of the lessons we can use charts of people you know, if you prefer. There may occasionally be ‘homework’ assignments, including reading articles I’ve posted on this site. Certain articles are required reading.

The Lessons will be seven in all, and cost $245, which can be paid for in a two-part installment of $105 and $140, payable through Paypal. It also may be possible to pay the fee on a week by week basis. If you would like the week by week option, please let me know when you email me. There is an optional 8th class for an additional $35.

Below is the course outline and overview, but lessons will be adjusted according to each student’s ability and need. There may be some outside reading involved. It is assumed that each student knows basic natal astrology and has some grasp of basic synastry.

Please email me if you’re interested in joining me for this:
Red Mandala


Part One:

Lesson One: The Inner Partner–Relationship Signatures in the Natal Chart

Our psycho-sexual dynamics: Determining how and why the psyche chooses partners.

Attraction: The Role of the Angles and the ‘Shadow’ houses

Lesson Two: The Relationship Planets—The changing roles of Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn.

The Phasal Relationship of the Sun and the Moon and its effect on partnership

The Dual Role of Venus/Mars: Aries/Libra versus Taurus/ Scorpio
Relationships and the Balance of Power.

Determining the Capacity for Relationship

Determining psychological and sexual needs

Can We Talk? The role of Mercury/Jupiter in relationship.

Lesson Three: Taking the High Road: What do Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Want?

Obsession, Rejection, Abandonment, Fascination: The ‘Little Death’ and the Outer Planets

Uranus and Leo/Aquarius
Neptune and Virgo/Pisces
Pluto and Taurus/Scorpio

Part Two:

Lesson Four: It Feels Like Fate

The Nodes in Synastry
The Water Houses
Determining Saturn’s Agenda

Lessons Five and Six: What are we together? What are we here to do?

Interpreting the Composite Chart
Interpreting Composite Angles
Comparing the Composite to the Natals
The Davison Chart
Understanding Progressed Composites

Lesson Seven: Relationship Hotspots

Progress and Pitfalls: An Overview of How the Major Life Cycles Affect Our Relationship Needs:

Saturn/Moon and the Sexual Split

Crisis Time: Spiritual Maturity
The Progressed Lunar return
The first Saturn return
The Third Jupiter Return
The Nodal returns, ‘flops’ and squares

Crisis Time: The Mid-Life Cycles
Uranus opposite Uranus
Pluto square Pluto
Neptune square Neptune
The Chiron return
The second Saturn return

Midpoints for Lovers

The Vertex

Arabic parts and Planetary Nodes

Optional Lesson Eight: The Role of Chiron, the Asteroids and the Black Moon

When Chiron is Prominent in a Relationship–The Chiron Cycle and Synastry, Chiron and the Inner Planets

A look into the roles of Ceres, Juno, Vesta and the Black Moon

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