Ongoing Astrology Lessons

I’ve had quite a few inquiries recently from people who want to study astrology, mainly from people who are not quite beginners but don’t know where to go from here. The Internet is a wonderful tool for astrological information, but the real art of astrology is in consolidating the information and learning how to give the chart perspective. We can read up on what positions and aspects mean, but there is no book that will tell you which aspects will dominate a chart, or what the chart may feel like as experienced from the inside.

I have been teaching astrology lessons one to one for some time on an invitation-only basis, and I would now like to extend that invitation to all of my readers. The lessons are catered to individual needs and levels of experience. Each lesson runs at least an hour (usually over an hour–I can hear my students laughing across cyberspace) and costs $35 per lesson, payable in advance. A commitment of at least four lessons is required. They can be scheduled either weekly or once every two weeks. All lessons are done over the phone, and it’s necessary to have access to either or Solar Fire.

If you’re as fascinated by astrology as I am and continue to be, I guarantee that you will have fun while you’re honing your skills and deepening your understanding. If you’re interested in lessons, please email me at


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