Back In the Swing of Things…

It feels like ages since I’ve posted anything, and it feels good to be back. Just a quick note to say that a new article will be up this weekend, if not sooner.

The other news is that I will next be teaching another course of the Advanced Synastry class. More details will be up soon, as I’ve restructured the class slightly, but for those of you who were interested in the class last autumn, it will follow the same format. The Advanced Synastry class gives you all the tools to do in depth, psychologically and spiritually oriented synastry. It goes beyond planet and point comparison to examine the reasons why two people become involved. I’m hoping to begin scheduling the classes for the end of January or the first week of February at the latest. The class format is one class per week for a period of six weeks, with an optional seventh. The lessons will be given one on one over the phone and you will need access to or professional software such as Solar Fire. A knowledge of basic synastry is necessary.

After the Advanced Synastry class, I will be offering what I feel is the most important series of classes I teach, the Progressions Course, Part One. In this series of classes you will be taught how to read and interpret the secondary progressed chart. Natal charts and transits give you the who and the how, but secondary progressions allow you to understand the deeper patterns behind the events in our lives and help us understand why something is happening to us. An understanding of secondary progressions gives us a greater perspective on our spiritual growth, and of our lives as a process.

After the Progressions Course, Part One, I will be teaching Progressions Two. Progressions Two involves the use of secondary progressions in synastry, including the timing for relationships entering our lives and the purpose behind them. The Progressions One course is a prerequisite, no exceptions. The reason for this is that I teach techniques in Progressions One that are unique and that teach a student to read the chart in a holistic way. We will use these same techniques in Progressions Two.

More details on all of these classes soon, as well as a better idea of when they will begin. Also, there will be a few other, two part classes on offer soon.

Thanks for being so patient during the site’s lack of activity; I’m looking forward to the New Year at the Inner Wheel and I hope you are, too.



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