Welcome to The New Inner Wheel (Updated June 3rd)

Welcome, everyone, to the new site.

The Off the Cuff readings will be available soon, and spaces, as always, will be limited.  The first edition of  The  Widening Gyre went out yesterday, with codes for discounts and early sign-up– if you’re thinking about an Off the Cuff reading, it’s worth subscribing.  You can sign up by clicking, “Subscribe Now” in the bottom right corner. Don’t forget to add your birth data when you register, because there will be future discounts and extra features based on astrological signatures: Sun sign, Moon sign, etc.   This month’s edition has an article on W.B. Yeats’s unrequited passion for his muse, Maud Gonne, and its Uranian-flavoured obsession.   There is also an article on the current Saturn in Libra and why Saturn is considered exalted in that sign.

I have a couple of openings for ongoing, intermediate study this summer.  They  would have to be scheduled for Sunday afternoons, Eastern time.  Each lesson is an hour, is tailored to your level of expertise, and is designed according to your needs.  The lessons are $35 per hour, payable through Paypal, and you must commit to a set of four lessons at a time ($140).   If anyone is interested, please email me.

For those of you who were subscribing to post alerts on the old site, I’m afraid to say that the mechanism is now dormant. If you want to be alerted to new content on this site, you will have to sign up again. There is a field to the left of each post, fed by Feedburner, which allows you to subscribe to new posts.

I’ve also re-organized the categories to make it easier to find things, particularly the series articles like The Mystery of Solar Fire and The Roving “I.”  From now on, any series that has more than two parts will have its own category, so you won’t have to go searching around to find missing bits (which sometimes, inexplicably, disappeared).   Since so many of you enjoy browsing through the archives, I’m hoping to make this a better experience for you.

Don’t bypass the “Click Here for More” button on the upper right hand side. It’s hiding a new feature, “The Sky This Week”, in addition to “News and Events” and the Links List. There will occasionally be contests and other info up there, so don’t forget to check back.

And lastly, I have for some time wanted to find a place for pieces that explore topics in more depth than I have room for on The Inner Wheel.  Ebooks will be available for sale very soon.  Stay tuned.

Nice to be back.




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