The Advanced Synastry Course Beginning Soon

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It’s spring again, and love is in the air–  The Advanced Synastry Course is here again!  I haven’t been able to offer this course since last spring/summer. Classes will begin in mid-May.

I’ve had requests from a number of you for a more formal synastry course which would go deeper into the material that I’ve introduced in this blog. This advanced course will cover in depth the psycho-sexual dynamics of the individual natal charts and apply this to chart comparison. We will focus on why people come together and how to determine what their purpose is for the time that the relationship exists. We will also re-examine and redefine some of the synastry cliches and take a new look at the relationship planets and how they operate in a chart from a spiritual point of view.

This is not the Progressions Two:  Synastry in Secondary Progressions course.  That course will be taught later in the summer.

Each lesson will be 45 minutes to an hour (usually an hour) and will be conducted over the telephone at the same time each week.  I will send you charts and/or data ahead of time.  There may occasionally be ‘homework’ assignments, including reading some of the synastry articles I’ve posted on this site. Certain articles are required reading.  Access to or a professional program like Solar Fire is necessary.

The Lessons will be eight in all, and the cost for the course is $280, which can be paid for in a two-part installment of $140 each, payable through Paypal. It also may be possible to pay the fee on a two week basis. If you would like the two week option, please let me know when you email me. There is an optional 9th class for an additional $35, which can be paid for at the time.

Below is a course outline and overview, but lessons can be adjusted according to each student’s ability and need, if necessary. There may be some outside reading involved. It is assumed that each student knows basic natal astrology and has some grasp of basic synastry.

Please email me if you’re interested in joining me for this:

The Advanced Synastry Course Magritte's "The Lovers"

Lesson One:

The Rules of Attraction: the Role of the Angles and Angle Rulers

Projection and the Descendant: The Mysterious Double Inconjunct and Its Effect on relationships

Do You Like What I Like? How to Determine Signatures for the Inner Male and Inner Female

Lesson Two:

Determining Capacity for and Inclination to Relationship

The Phasal Relationship of the Sun and Moon and Its Effect on Partnership

The Bottom Line: The Sun, the Moon and the Soli-Lunar Midpoint

Saturn as a Relationship Planet And Its role in Sexual Development

Life Crises and Sexual Maturity

Lesson Three:

The Outer Planets in Relationship: How the Outer World Reflects the Secret Within

Get Shot, Drown, or Be Eaten by Bears: Fascination and Compulsion and the Outer Planets

Transcending the Outer Planets: the Role of Mercury and Jupiter

Lesson Four:

Chiron in Synastry: A Look At Chiron’s Affect on the Relationship Planets, both within and between charts

Lesson Five:

It Feels Like Fate? How the Nodes Reflect Relationship and How to Determine the Nodal ‘Story’

Aspects to the Nodal Axis (Homework)

Lesson Six:

Continuation of The Nodes in Synastry with In Depth Analysis of Cases

Introduction to the Composite Chart

Lesson Seven:

Reading the midpoint Composite Chart: Defining the Purpose of Relationship

How Well Does It Fit?: Comparing the natal charts to the Composite

Introduction to Davison, Coalescent Charts, and the Progressed Composite

Lesson Eight:

Other-worldly Affairs: When is a Relationship Not a Relationship?
Esoteric Points: The Vertex, and the Arabic Parts
The Role of Minor Aspects: Quintiles, Septiles, Noviles between Charts

Optional Add-on Lesson Nine ($35):
An Overview of The Role of the Major Asteroids in Synastry

The Lessons May be Changed According to the Students’ Abilities and Interests.

Email me at to sign up. The first payment will be due two days before the first Lesson is scheduled to begin.

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