Mea Culpa re Gyre Jung article

Sorry, folks.  Sorry to have to report that, due to a fault completely my own, you have to ignore the article on Jung I wrote for The Widening Gyre.  The part about Jung’s contribution to astrology is right, but once we get into the details of Jung’s chart you might as well line the proverbial/virtual birdcage, because there was a typo in my data.  I had Jung’s birth year at 1865, when it’s actually 1875.

If you know your astrology, you know what a torture it is for a double Virgo to admit such an idiotic thing, so I’m hoping that you are satisfied with the public humiliation as a punishment.  This is what happens when you push deadlines and Mercury is your ruling planet, the dispositor of the Sun, and not quite recovered from a retrograde.  Fortunately, I didn’t get into too many details yet, so it won’t be so much work un-doing the damage.  There will be an article on Jung in the future, but it won’t be titled “The Mutable Journey.”  That was someone else’s journey.

I hope I didn’t crash anyone’s trust.  I want you all to feel confident about what you read here and in the newsletter.  (Anyone want to be a voluntary proofreader for the Gyre?)

Again, very sorry, and I’ll try hard not to do this again.



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