The Basics Redux: An Update

UPDATE:  The Basics Redux is now fully booked for this session.  If you intended to take the course and didn’t get in, send me an email and I’ll put your name on a list in case one of the current students cannot take the classes.  The next session will be given in Spring of 2012.



September is on its way and that ‘Back to School’ feeling is in the air.  So sharpen your pencils and sit back as we revisit some familiar territory and take a fresh look around.  This course evolved from student requests, my experience with clients, and my own frustration at a lot of the junk that’s passing for astrology information on the Internet.  We’re going back to square one, only we’re going down deeper than we’ve ever gone before.  This is an opportunity to get to the core of astrology, and stomp on some sacred cows along the way.


This course consists of four individual lessons on rethinking the foundations of our art. 

Lesson One, The Signs Redefined:

Much of current understanding of signs is based on Victorian and Edwardian definitions, many of which no longer apply in the modern world.  Current astrology has also confused sign expression with houses. Each of the signs has a deeper, more vital archetypal meaning and this new territory is what we will explore.  No more fussy Virgos, mothering Cancers or dithering Librans–we will get beyond the surface of the signs and understand them regarding number, polarity, and esoteric rulerships.

Lesson Two, The Angles:

The Ascendant as ‘the mask’?  The MC as ‘career’?  The Descendant as ‘partner’? The I.C. as ‘Home and Family’?  Only on the tip of the iceberg.  Take the plunge and discover why the angles are on fire, the gateways of matter on the face of the infinite.  You will come away with a new respect for the angles and for the four cardinal points. We will also cover the importance of certain aspects to angles. If there is time, we will cover the Vertex as the ‘Electric Ascendant.’

Lesson Three, The Houses:

The house sequence tells the story of life itself, from the conception of a unique consciousness to the joining of that consciousness with The All. Uncover the layers of possible meaning within each house polarity.

Lesson Four, The Aspects:

Squares bad, conjunctions good?  Trines always positive?  Not really.  Learn about the hierarchy of aspects according to sacred number.  Find out why a square behaves like a square, and why sextiles chatter.  We will also cover so-called ‘minor’ aspects and rediscover their importance:  semi-squares, quincunxes, semi-sextiles, and the esoteric aspects.

Optional Lesson Five:  The Lights and the Inner Planets Revisited: A question of influence

Learn about the role of the lights in creating our reality.  We will address some common misconceptions about the lights and focus on how the dance between them alters our conscious awareness. We will also take a new look and shed light on the function of the inner planets:  Sun, Moon vs. Saturn, Moon; Mercury, Jupiter and the Mutable Journey, The Two Faces of Venus; The Two Faces of Mars, Jupiter/Saturn and the Mutable/Cardinal crisis.

This course can be tailored somewhat to the students own interests and abilities, as long as we stay within the parameters of the subject matter. This four part class is $160 (the optional 5th class is an additional $40) and is taught over a two or four week period.  (A two week period week period is preferable.) Payment is payable via Paypal.  The course  will begin scheduling  September 13th.  Email me at if you’re interested, with the subject heading “Basics”.

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