Progressions One Course Beginning in Mid-October


Secondary Progressions are absolutely crucial to any natal chart interpretation. They’re the ‘why’ behind the ‘who’ of the natal chart and the ‘what’ of the transits. Without a correct interpretation of secondaries, we have no focus, no perspective on personal development nor on our spiritual evolution. For those of you new to the field, more details on what secondary progressions are and an overview of how they operate in the chart can be read in the post, The Progressed Chart Confusion. Ever wonder why an anticipated ‘big’ transit didn’t come off? The answer is in secondary progressions.

I’ve been teaching classes in secondaries for a while now, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the classroom situation is not the best teaching format for this subject. There is no question that secondaries qualify as ‘advanced’ astrology and need focused concentration. Most students have a lot of questions about secondaries. It’s hard to find good information and what is out there is often dated, overly technical, and focused on prediction. Secondly, there are a lot of misconceptions about secondary progressions–my favorite one is that the slower moving planets don’t matter–and how they relate to the natal chart. Sometimes, with classes, by the time you get around to correcting everyone’s misinformation, there is little time to actually learn the techniques of interpretation. Thirdly, there is just too much technique to absorb in two chunks of time. You need to play with secondaries to really ‘get’ them.

 This is a course on how to read and interpret the secondary progressed chart. The emphasis is not on prediction (though this does crop up) but on the ability of the secondary progressed chart to reveal what is being emphasized in terms of the soul’s growth. As Shakespeare said, “The readiness is all” and secondaries reveal to us what we are ripe for knowing. Secondary progressions provide meaning and context to transits and directions. We will see how they provide a guide to important, dynamic and necessary change via the soul and the psyche. Reading the progressed chart correctly gives a perspective on the natal chart that was previously missing. The quote I hear most often from students after the course is, “I don’t know how I interpreted a chart before this.” Progressions often bring us a sense of wonder and magic in the timing of the universe, and provide us with continued inspiration in the practice of our art. I never cease to be awed and humbled by what is revealed in progressed charts.

This series of seven structured classes is $290, and will begin in mid-October.  The class has been expanded from previous classes due to feedback from the students who’ve taken it. There will be one hour long (more like an hour and 15 min) lesson per week at a time to be mutually arranged. I will take the cost of the phone call if you are on my worldwide calling plan. Landlines or Skype are preferred, and no mobiles if you are outside the U.S. and Canada. The fee for the class can be paid in two installments of $145. If you need other financing options, I’m happy to discuss them. I will schedule this series of classes beginning the week of October 15. If you are planning on taking the class, be sure you have a time of the week where you will be consistently available.

Lessons will be tailored to the ability of each student, but in general will be as follows:                                  abstract drawing of New Moon

Lesson One:  An Overview of Secondary Progressions

Definition of secondary progressions and how they differ from transits and directions.  A study of progressed movement.  Defining the progressed chart.  Homework: Training the eye–an exercise in the use of old rulerships and the importance of the lights in secondary progressions.

Lesson Two:  The Progressed Angles

How a progressed chart is constructed,  the importance of the Progressed Angles and their rulers.  The four methods of constructing the progressed angles.

Lesson Three:  The Soli-Lunar Phasal Relationship

Interpreting the Progressed Sun and the Progressed Moon;  The Soli-lunar progressed cycle and how it relates to the Progressed Moon/transiting Saturn cycle; Progressed Sun and Moon as triggers; Soli-lunar Aspects and Orbs of Influence; Types of conscious awareness as defined by the Soli-lunar relationship.

Lesson Four:  Progressed Aspects and Retrogradations

The Difference Between Progressed and Natal Aspects. The ‘Magical” aspects.  Retrogradations and stations of the inner planets.

Lesson Five: The Outer Planets in progression.

This class is illustrated by looking at a long-term progressed aspect  in a chart over the course of a lifetime.

Lesson Six:  Adding Transits

Transits and other  “Triggers” to the progressed chart.  Homework:  Determining crisis times.

Lesson Seven:  A Case Study

Progressions through a lifetime. (Subject to be determined. This lesson is 90 minutes.)  Determining the progress of major life themes through progression.

For those who can’t get enough, there is a voluntary written final exam which consists of analyzing progressions for a crisis year in two charts.

These lessons will put you well on the way to interpreting secondaries accurately and using them to focus on what is most important in a chart at any given time, allowing you to understand what is revealing itself in terms of the soul’s development. I will provide some material via email and also links to significant articles.

Places fill up quickly, and I won’t be able to take on that many students at a time, so if you’re interested please email me at Needless to say, an adequate working knowledge of natal astrology is necessary as a prerequisite. You will need access to a professional astrology program like Solar Fire, or to

In the near future I will be offering Progressions Two, which focuses on reading the progressed chart in terms of relationships–timing for relationships, relationship compatibility, attraction and duration, and problems and issues that can be seen in the progressed chart. Due to the level of expertise required, the series of classes I’m offering now (Progressions One) will be a prerequisite to the relationship classes (Progressions Two). There are no exceptions to this, as I am providing material that cannot be found elsewhere, which you will need to navigate your way through Progressions Two, even if you are experienced in using secondaries. The Progressions Two class will be offered in the early spring of 2012, after the Advanced Synastry Course.

Looking forward to meeting you and working with you all.


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