Advanced Synastry Classes Begin Soon! New Advanced Synastry Workshop


After a flurry of emails it’s finally clear that the Advanced Synastry Course will be up next, followed by the Basics Redux.  After that we’ll have a round of Progressions Two (Progressions in Synastry) and then Progressions One.

For those who have completed the Advanced Synastry Course, there is  a new workshop course on offer in which we take the tools we learned in Advanced Synastry and go deeper, adding Draconic charts and esoteric points.  We will also focus a little more on problematic inter-aspects and do more work with the major asteroids.  The workshop will focus more on synthesizing the information found in the synastry.  Advanced Synastry is an eight week course (one lesson per week) and the Advanced Workshop is six.  The two synastry courses will run concurrently.  Detailed description of the Advanced Synastry Course and fees will be up tomorrow.  Details on the Advanced Synastry Workshop will be posted later on this week.  I’m hoping to begin scheduling classes the week beginning Sunday, the 29th January.

A course titled, “Chart Synthesis:  An Organic Approach to Astrology” will begin sometime in the Spring.  The course is aimed at intermediate students who are still dependent on lists of aspects and are unable to sort through the infinite amount of information a natal chart gives.  This course will let you get to the heart of the chart and see the astrology in a much more intimate and useful way.

Back soon with more info…


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