Progressions In Synastry: Progressions Two Begins in Early May!

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Progressions Two:  Progressions in Synastry

I am scheduling classes beginning Saturday, May 5th.  Fees for the course, or the first half of the course if you are paying in installments, will be due then.

Open to all who have taken my Progressions One course.  No exceptions, sorry.  We will be looking at progressions from the point of view of the development of consciousness and will be using some unique techniques and definitions that were taught in Progressions One.

 Many clients come to the astrologer with one question, “When will I meet someone?”  Recent astrological research has confirmed what astrologers have known for years–the most reliable indicator of partnership is the secondary progressed chart. Knowing  how to interpret the secondary progressed chart in synastry will not only tell you when a relationship is likely, but it will reveal the hot points and danger zones in a relationship and give a good indication whether a couple will weather the relationship storm or decide to go their separate ways.

Studying the progressed chart will also reveal some clues to the reason for a relationship’s existence.  If we take a look at what is happening in an individual’s progressed chart, and compare it to another’s natal and progressed charts, we get a good notion of what role that individual is destined to take in our spiritual development.  If a couple is having difficulties, the progressed chart can reveal whether these are short term or are more indicative of a long term issue—it may be the end of a cycle for one or both parties, and the progressed chart will tell us why.  The progressed chart can also indicate whether or not there are rough days ahead, (even though things may seem fine right now); it can help us be prepared for the changes and compromises demanded of us in the future.

Much emphasis is placed on Saturn in synastry to show us whether or not a relationship has the right ‘glue.’ However, the natal chart is basically a map of our potential, frozen in time.  The progressed chart  unlocks the secrets of the natal chart to reveal  what –and who–we need for our soul’s development at any given time. Progressions Two will help us understand the role of the people we choose to take with us as we move forward, and their significance in our spiritual journey.


The course of Progressions Two will consist of the following, and may be adjusted according to each student.   The classes will be illustrated by case studies:

  • Lesson One:      When Will I Find Someone?  Partnership indicators in the long and short term.  The significance of meeting charts.
  • Lesson Two:      How Long Will It Last? The Sun/Venus Cycle and Relationship Longevity; The Role of Jupiter/Juno in Progressed Synastry. (This class may run over into Lesson  Three.)
  • Lesson Three:   The Conjunctio– Major Crossroads: The Progressed Sun/Moon cycle and its significance within and between Charts. (This class may run over into Lesson Four.)
  • Lesson Four:     Crisis and Conflict–  Relationship Red Flags in Progression and How to Work With Them;  Progressed Aspects to the Nodes and Angles. Outer planet partile aspects.
  • Lesson Five:      Reading the Progressed Composite and the Progressed Davison Charts;  The Progressed Vertex and the progressed Part of Fortune; the role of Asteroids in Relationship Progressions
  • Optional Lesson Seven:  TBA, for an additional $35 fee.


If you are interested in the course, please email me: The six part course is $240 and is payable via Paypal.  Payment can be split into two installments of $120.    All classes are taught one-to-one over the phone and spaces are limited.  I will send you supporting material and charts.  As always, the classes will be recorded and a link to an mp3 of each session will be sent to you afterward. 

Any questions, please contact me at the email above.

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