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Here we are again, folks.  Autumn is upon us and the back to school feeling is in the air.  And I’m happy to say it’s time again for the course on Secondary Progressions, Part One.

If you don’t regularly use secondary progressions in chart interpretation, you are missing out on the most important tool of astrological charting.  Secondary progressions offer us the meaning behind planetary motion.  Transits tell us the ‘how’ and ‘what’, but progressions reveal the ‘why’ behind planetary activity.  If you don’t use progressions, you have no context.  Secondary progressions reveal the soul’s journey, and offer signposts along the way.   Rather than interpreting the natal and transits as a series of random events, the progressed chart lets us know the answer to the crucial question:  Why is this happening to me NOW?  (And what can I do about it?)

Progressions move the chart forward, symbolically, in time and space.  They are not charts ‘in theory’ like solar arc and midpoint charts–the progressed chart is a time/space chart, anchored in the reality of the here and now.  Learning to read a progressed chart well will give you access to information you would never be able to fathom from a natal chart alone.  As the planets and points are progressed through time and space, our deepest secrets are revealed.

This course will offer unique insights and techniques not available elsewhere.  There is a particular focus on the Nodal axis and its crucial role in the progressed chart.  The story of the Nodes in progression maps out the most important chapters and events in our lives.  We also spend time on the spiritual meaning of  retrogradation in the progressed chart, and our chart work will illustrate the importance of the retrograde cycle in all of the planets.

We will quash one of the great myths of secondary progressions:  that anything beyond the personal planets doesn’t matter.  Our work will reveal the way progressions signal times when the universal suddenly becomes very personal and we have access to  the archetypal world, for better or for worse.

Each class runs approximately an hour (usually a bit over) and is taught one on one over the phone at the same time each week.  I will provide charts, though you will be asked to contribute charts from time to time.  Note that Class Five is a double lesson.  Many students have expressed an interest in extending the course to hone their skills, and an addendum course will be made available for those who wish to have more practice.

Progressions One is a prerequisite for Progressions Two, which focuses on Progressions in Synastry.  There are no exceptions.

The fee for the course is $295.  You may pay in two installments.  Payments are due via Paypal before our first session is scheduled, and then again (if on installments) before lesson 5.  If you need another pay structure, please email me and we’ll see what we can do.

The Course Description is below. I look forward to meeting you and working with you all.

Progressions One will not be offered again until well into next year, due to my other commitments.

If you have any questions, please email me.

The Progressions One Course


CLASS ONE:  The Clock Face of Your Life

An Introduction to the Progressed Chart

What is a progressed chart? How do we use it as an astrological tool and what does it provide in a spiritual and evolutionary context?  How does it relate to the natal?  ( The concept of ‘triggers.’)

The Importance of Progressed Angles:  Thresholds of Manifestation

How do we measure a progressed angle? The four different methods of progressing an angle.  The importance of angles and angle rulers.  Charts:  An illustration of the four methods of angle progression.  Info Sheet:  Why we are using the Naibod Arc in Right Ascension.

The Meaning of Progressed Planets; Progressed Movement of the Planets and an overview of Retrogradation/Station in Progression.  The Inner Planets versus the Outer Planets by Progression—making the generational, personal.   Ephemeris and Sheet for study.

Homework:  Memorize sheet on progressed movement.  Find the retrogrades/direct movement in your own progressed chart.

CLASS TWO:  The Lunation Cycle in Progression

Crossing the Threshold of Awareness

The Lunation Cycle in Progression

The Importance of the Sun and the Moon by Progression; How we meet the world– personality type and consciousness according to Sun/Moon

New Moons, Full Moons, and our personal cycle of Crisis and Growth.  Charts:  a look at Soli-lunar critical moments and repeating cycles.  The Sun, the Moon and the Crisis of Consciousness.  The Lights and the Angles.

Homework:  Training the eye for progressions.


CLASS THREE:  Rethinking Aspects—Throwing ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Out the Window

Re-interpreting aspects in the progressed chart.

The chart in motion—Critical aspect patterns.

Progressed ‘sandwiches,’ critical degrees, hot spots and all the rest. An introduction to planetary weighting in progression. Using triggers within the Progressed Chart.  Looking at progressions in crisis (Otherwise known as, “What the heck happened to…?”)

CLASS FOUR:  The Importance of the Outer Planets and the Nodes Via Progression—Soul Renewal

The Grand Plan of the Outer Planets—The One invaded by the All

The Spiritual Spine of the Progressed Chart:  The Nodes in Progression

Class chartwork:  A look at three lives at critical moments (TBA).

Homework:  Biography of next week’s ‘victim’ TBA.

CLASS FIVE:  Crises in Consciousness

A class where we follow the progressed development of some natal themes throughout a lifetime.  Biography will be announced prior to class.  Note:  This is a ‘double’ class.

CLASS SIX:  Trigger Happy—Timing via Progression

The Progressed Chart, the Natal Chart, and Transits.  Putting it all together.

The use of ‘trigger’ planets and points in manifesting events.  The difference between the internal and external manifestation of events.

Repeat aspects in Progression.

Charts provided:  TBA


Part One:  I provide a series of charts and a brief biography/autobiography.  You do the talking.  Emphasis is on progressed movement in the greater scheme of things.

Part Two: I provide ‘blind’ charts from different people at different crisis points.  You do the talking again.

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