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It’s been brought to my attention (by the eagle-eyed Neeti Ray) that for some of you the announcement for the Advanced Synastry course showed up as white on white in your emails.  For those of you who missed it, here it is:  (Thanks, Neets)

ADVANCED SYNASTRY will begin scheduling the week of January 27th 2013.  For those unfamiliar with the course, it is an eight week course on in-depth synastry technique.  It is assumed that students will know the basics of interpreting chart inter-aspects.  In this course, we focus more on the psycho-sexual and spiritual dynamics of relationship.  IT INCLUDES THE USE OF THE NODES, THE FOUR MAJOR ASTEROIDS, THE BLACK MOON, CHIRON, AND THE VERTEX.  IF TIME ALLOWS WE WILL HAVE AN INTRODUCTION TO THE USE OF DRACONIC CHARTS IN SYNASTRY.  LATELY I’VE ONLY HAD THE TIME TO TEACH ADVANCED SYNASTRY ONCE PER YEAR, SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED YOU SHOULD SIGN UP SOON.

The fee for the course is $290 payable via Paypal, and can be paid for in installments.  This course is popular and I can only take a limited number of students, so if you’re interested please let me know as soon as possible. A course description will be up on the site shortly, but for now you can find further details here:

All classes are taught one on one over the phone.  They will be recorded and an mp3 download link will be sent to you.  Please choose a time for the class where you can be consistently available.


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