“The Dark Goddess” Course Scheduling Now

Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Pallas…and the point, the Black Moon Lilith…are the focus of the upcoming course on The Dark Goddess.

Part One of the course, “The Dark Goddess: Life, Death and the Embodiment of Spirit”  (or “Sex, Death and the Whole Damn Thing) is scheduling now.  I’m delighted on the one hand but also sorry to say that there has been a lot of interest and  the class is almost full.  However, there are a handful of spaces left, so if you are interested please get in touch with me (alcuin9@gmail.com) asap.

It has become clear over the course of the past couple of decades that the four major asteroids, plus BML (Black Moon Lilith) are providing crucially important information in the natal chart, particularly in the way that we relate  to the material world.  Whether we are male or female, the asteroids provide us with an overview of the journey to maturity, and the difficulties we may encounter along the road to wisdom.  They inform us about the use of power and describe the abuses we may suffer regarding our sense of power in the world.  Through them, we learn to embrace feminine wisdom– the wisdom and power which comes from accepting and embracing life.  These goddesses reign over life and death, sex and creativity, joy and rage;  if we respect them and focus on what they are trying to teach us, they show us how to to remake the world according to our own vision.   Whether we feel creatively empowered or abandoned in maturity depends on our understanding of these asteroids and their role in the chart.  Through them, we discover our own magic, and the magic inherent in the world.

Part One of the course consists of five lessons.  In each one we will discuss an aspect of the Dark Goddess and relate it to the study of the relevant asteroid. In addition to exploring the meaning of the asteroids in the chart, we will touch on the topics of the Matriarchy and the Patriarchy (and what may follow), the fear and repression of the feminine and the integration of the masculine and feminine halves of the psyche.  We will see through chart illustrations how the asteroids play a crucial part in this integration. While the asteroids are central to psychological wholeness, by transit and progression they also reveal a ruthlessness in getting their agenda across which can leave us breathless.  Far from always being the benign and wise goddesses, the asteroids can cause us to face both the beauty and the horror of life.  The classes will be taught in the following order, though they may be subject to change.

Lesson One:

An Overview on the Role of the Asteroids

Cutting through Materialistic Determinism:  Pallas and the Creative Intellect

Lesson Two:

Vesta:  Driven Toward the Sacred

Lesson Three:

Ceres:  The Scythe and the The Torch, The Threshold Between Birth and Death

Lesson Four:

Juno:  Oh, Grow Up!  (And Find ‘Other’ Within)

Lesson Five:

The Black Moon Lilith:  Sex, Madness, Destruction, and Rage–Or the Seat of Power?

We will begin scheduling classes beginning next week. Part one of the class will
run five sessions, until mid-May.  Part one is a pre-requisite for part two, but
it isn’t required to take part two.

Part Two will also consist of five classes, and these will be exclusively a
discussion of the asteroids and BML in synastry.

For Part One of the course, the classes will run about an hour and fifteen minutes.  The
fee for the five classes is $225.

Part Two will take more complicated analysis: the classes will run longer and
will be $275 for the five.  The fee for Part One of the course will confirm your place in the class.

As each part consists of only five classes, I would appreciate it if you
could pay the full fee for each part at once, but if you can’t, $125 will be due
on signing for Part One and $100 will be due before lesson three.  (We’ll deal
with Part Two when we come to it.)  As usual, fees are payable via Paypal.com to
this email address.

Like all of my classes, these classes will be taught one to one over the phone.  The lessons will be recorded and an mp3 will be sent to you right after the session.  If you live outside of the U.S. or Canada, you will need to use Skype or have the number of a landline you can use for the sessions.  We will use both our own natal charts and other charts I will provide.

As I said earlier, I only have a few slots still available, so if you are sure you are interested please let me know right away.  I look forward to exploring this new territory with you.




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