Details for Progressions One Soon–And Announcing a New Class!

Aurum Astrology sun and moon



The details for the 8 part course on Secondary Progressions, beginning the week of September 9th, will be up this weekend.  I guarantee you will be awed by the magic and poetry of astrology many times during the course.  It will change the way you look at charts forever.  A handful of slots are still open.  You will learn techniques in interpreting progressed charts that you will not find elsewhere.

I’m also very happy to announce an upcoming short course in beginning synastry.  A number of you have been reluctant to sign up for the Advanced Synastry course because you are uncertain of your synastry foundations.  This new course will be called Foundations of Synastry and will cover the meaning and the power of angles in attraction;  the phasal relationship of the Sun and the Moon in the chart and what it means to relationships;  the function of the relationship planets–Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn, and the importance of the houses they naturally rule; the difference between 7th and 5th house relationships; the art of interpreting aspects–for example, the difference between my Moon on your Saturn and your Moon on my Saturn (and are they applying or separating?); the importance and role of the houses in aspect analysis;  ‘red flags’ in relationship, and much more.

Details will follow.  I look forward to exploring these themes with you.



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