Damn Mercury Retrograde…


Well, the Mercury retrograde didn’t begin well and then began to snowball.  Aside from the usual delays, confusions, screw ups and other detritus of Merc retro, I’m sorry to report that my computer just died.  I believe that my last computer died under Merc retro, as did the one before.  I should start a Merc retro emergency fund.  

The new computer arrives tomorrow and it will take a day or two to get things up again.  Apologies to students and clients who have to be rescheduled pending my reinstallation of Solar Fire.  Excuse me while I fantasize in a very unrealistic and romantic way about the days we did all calculations by hand.

I was hoping to get class announcements up today.  The Draconic Synastry course and Basics Redux will be up shortly (thank god for my tablet) but I will need Solar Fire to help decide which subjects we’ll tackle for Deep Cuts.   Classes will begin the week of March 9th and will finish by the end of the month.

The class fees will be $165 for the Basics Redux (three hour long classes); $175 for the Draconic Synastry class (three classes an hour and 15 minutes) and $195 for Deep Cuts (three themed classes of around 90 minutes). I will accept your ideas for a Deep Cuts ‘theme’ if the charts involved are the charts of public figures.

Next up for the longer courses will be Progressions One in April, alternating with The Dark Goddess Part One, Progressions Two (Progressions in Synastry) and the Dark Goddess Part Two, (the asteroids and BML in synastry).  For both classes, Part One is a prerequisite for Part Two. I know that I haven’t offered Progressions Two for some time, and there is a back up of three Progressions One classes waiting to take Two. I will try to accomodate everyone, but when the time comes you’ll have to get in early. Of all the uses of progressions, progressions in synastry is probably the most useful. The Dark Goddess course is eye-opening in a number of ways and if you’ve ever wondered what the effect of the four major asteroids and BML have in a chart this is the course to take. My students have brought forward a number of important insights and I like to think that we are covering new ground together.

More soon.

In the meantime, if you’re having a miserable Merc retrograde and would like to share, feel free to post here. Mercury misery in particular loves company.

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