Short Course #3: Deep Cuts

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Deep Cuts is a three part workshop that will take your chart interpretation to another level.  It is for 1) intermediate students who know their astrological foundations, but have difficulty pulling the chart together 2) students who have difficulty sorting out what is important in a chart from what is not (chart weighting) and 3) students who need practice using house rulers and dispositors in interpreting both natal charts and transits.

Deep Cuts focuses on in-depth interpretation of the natal chart.  What does it feel like to live this chart from the inside?  In addition, this Deep Cuts course will emphasize  interpreting transits using dispositors and house rulers.  (There will be forays into Progressions for those Deep Cuts students who have studied Progressions One with me.) What impels us to make the choices we make?  In all cases we will explore the natal charts first and then move on to add transits for times of crisis/achievement.

These three classes are approx. 90 minutes each.

The themes for this Deep Cuts class are:

Lesson One:  The Threshold of the Second Nodal Return

The Nodal return which occurs around age 37 is perhaps the most profound (and treacherous) transit we will experience in our lifetime.  We will explore the charts of three who didn’t make it across this particular line:  tortured artist Vincent Van Gogh, teacher turned astronaut Christa McAuliffe, and (if there is time) driven musical prodigy Bobby Darin.

Lesson Two:  Crazy/Notorious

What makes a Wild Child?  At what point does a wild child become a renegade?  What separates the reasonable person from the fanatic?  In Lesson Two we explore extremes, from the amusing oddness of Britney Spears or Matthew McConaughey at one end of the scale to the rabid paranoia of Joseph McCarthy and deluded chess genius Bobby Fischer at the other.

Lesson Three:  Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Phillip Seymour Hoffman had everything going for him, yet the Academy Award winner died with a needle in his arm on February 2nd this year.  While we don’t have an official birth time for Hoffman,  there are two charts rectified by respected astrologers.  In this class we will use angle rulers, house rulers and dispositors to determine which natal chart is more likely the correct one.  We will also compare Hoffman’s transits and progressions for his Academy Award win in 2006 for his portrayal of Truman Capote– and just for fun we’ll have a look at how Capote’s chart compares to Hoffman’s.

The fee for the Deep Cuts class is $195.  While in depth knowledge of the subjects is not necessary, students for Deep Cuts must commit to reading Wikipedia biographies before each class.

Due to the great amount of interest in this class, the start date for Deep Cuts is more flexible than with Basics or Draconic Synastry.

Please send me an email with “(Your Name) Deep Cuts” as the subject heading if you are interested.


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