BML Challenge Chart #3



Louis Pasteur
French Chemist, Microbiologist.

If you’ve ever overcome a serious illness and are still alive, you most likely owe your life to this hard-working scientist.

Louis Pasteur discovered the micro-world of germs and bacteria .  Before Louis Pasteur, infections were rampant, food spoiled quickly, and we knew nothing about hygiene.  We were at the mercy of disease, with no way to fight back, not even knowing we were contributing to the resources of the ‘enemy.’   There were vaccines before Pasteur, but no one knew how to isolate the cause of disease.  In his lifetime, he saved the French wine industry, the silk industry, found a cure for rabies and made major headway into cures for anthrax and cholera.   We use his eponymous method of preservation, pasteurization, still today.  He also made many discoveries in the field of chemistry, most notably the asymmetry of crystals.
Pasteur is regarded as one of the three main founders of microbiology, together with Ferdinand Cohn and Robert Koch. He died on 28 September 1895 at Saint-Cloud, near Paris.

Pasteur started out as an unexceptional student who grew to become arguably, the greatest scientist of the 19th century.




The unique thing about BML in this particular chart is its lack of distraction.  While it loosely sextiles the Asc (which allows it an outlet for its energy), the only other aspect it is making (aside from the Moon, which is a light, not a planet) is a sextile to the major asteroid Pallas, strong in the air sign Aquarius.  BML in the second house declares it as a resource.  The ruthless desire to penetrate the unknown (BML) is married to the logical, pattern-making, big-picture understanding unique to Pallas.  Pallas creativity is the creativity of the mind–throw me whatever chaos you will and I will make something of it.  This sort of thinking is deep in the fourth house of consciousness and, I would think, rather accessible to Pasteur, with his Libra rising and North Node in Aquarius also in the fourth.  Why?  Because Uranus, ruler of the North Node, is conjunct both the chart ruler and, as a bonus, the fifth house ruler, Neptune.  (Now, a romance with Louis would be another thing entirely, but we’re not going there…)

Oh, yes, and then there is that opposition to the Moon (again).  Why should the Moon and BML be so potent when they are connected?  Because they are drawn to one another in a  magnetic pull, matter and anti-matter joining forces.  The Moon is all we know of the material, dualistic world.  It’s our reality and gathered experience.  BML represents the opposite–dark matter, the force that is both expanding and retracting the universe.  In other words, everything that we do NOT know or understand.  Imagine, if you will, the pull of those oppositions.  It’s almost sexual in its drive and intensity.   It happens that Mars bisects the sextile (loosely) creating a kind of inverted yod and giving the aspect drive.

As I mentioned, most likely you wouldn’t want to date this guy–not with his BML opposite the Moon in the 8th house, his Mars (Desc ruler) on the 3rd house side of the IC (a scrappy roommate), and the Sun, Neptune, Venus and Uranus all conjunct.  But, if we’re not dating Louis, the focus is on the mind, on making connections, adding 1 + 1 and coming up with more than 2.  Mercury, the ruler of the 9th, is also conjunct the Sun in the third from the other side.  It gives vision and imagination to all of these Capricorn planets, which need a concrete result and accomplishment to the happy (especially with Leo on the MC).  Lilith gets a free pass in this chart, strengthened by the lack of aspects and the connection to air.  She’s not in a destructive mode, which is good news for all the folks who are alive due to Mr. Pasteur.


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