Course Description of Progressions One

Progressions One Begins in Mid-May

I am going to be honest with you.  I don’t know how any astrologer can consciously give counsel without using the progressed chart.  Without knowledge of progressions, the progressed chart may be a bit of a mystery.  If I was born with my Ascendant in Leo, how can it be in Virgo now?  What is my Aries Sun doing in Cancer?  What happens when my midheaven by progression hits my natal and then progressed Neptune?  What does it mean when the Progressed Moon is in the 5th house of the Progressed chart but also in the 4th of the natal?  All those mysteries unfold in Progressions One, where I will teach you a method of reading progressions which allows you to read the progressed chart almost as a stand-alone, without endlessly going back to the natal chart for reference.  This method is unique and will teach you techniques that you will not learn elsewhere.  In particular, we learn how to read the items in the chart that don’t move much in the progressed chart themselves–the outer planet aspects, for one, and the Nodes in progression for another.  But what happens during the time of life when these aspects become exact by progression? Many astrologers ignore these progressed positions.  I say do so at your peril.  They may take a lifetime to emerge, but when they do they are game-changing.

The progressed chart is, no more and no less, a map of the state of your conscious being (soul) in the here and now, in this particular time, in this particular place.  Where the natal chart represents our essence, our being and our ultimate potential, the progressed chart is a map of our current state of development.  It is highly sensitive and ever-evolving, responsive both to transits and aspects it makes to the natal chart.  But where the Progressed chart really comes alive is when it makes aspects to itself that awaken deeper facets of our being.  They herald the unveiling of our personal truth, and question whether or not we can live that truth in a meaningful way.

The course consists of 6 individual lessons about an hour and fifteen minutes long, done over the phone or Skype (audio only).  I will need a phone number or Skype name for you.  (Skype or landline only if you are abroad.)  Each class is part lecture and part chart work.  One lesson per week to be scheduled at the same time weekly for each student.  Please find a time where you can be consistently available. Some homework is involved. Class policy for missed classes may seem severe, but is necessary:  if you miss a class for any reason, you will be given a recording of another student’s lesson.  All lessons will be recorded and an mp3 link sent to you afterward.  Classes will be scheduled between noon and 4:30 pm EASTERN TIME every day but Friday and Sunday.  There is no rescheduling.

The fee for the course is $330 for the six private lessons of 75 minutes each.  Places are extremely limited, so jump in early if you are interested.  Only payment guarantees your place. To sign up, please send me an email with the heading ‘PROGRESSIONS ONE’  to Please include some info about yourself if you have never studied with me before.



Lesson One: Creating the Progressed Chart;  The Sun, Moon and Angles in Progression

What is a secondary progression?  How do we measure time?  The Spiritual Core of the Progressed Chart.  Different methods of progressing the angles.  The angles’ role as active messengers of the Sun.

Lesson Two:  Where Spirit Meets Matter–The Lights and the Two Major Progression Cycles

The Soli-Lunar Cycle by Progression (Cycle of Soul and Spiritual Growth)

The Lunar/Saturn Cycle  (Cycle of regeneration and Manifestation); The Progressed Moon through angles and quarters

The Lights as Triggers to Events

The Importance of the New Moon Cycle

Lesson Three:  Predicting Crisis by Progression

Rethinking Aspect and Orb; Sacred Number and Aspect

Rethinking the Concept of ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’  Aspects

Focal points, Stellia and Astrological Sandwiches

Lesson Four:  Long Term Aspects in Progression and an Introduction to Retrogradation

Perfect Timing: The Sad and Ultimately Triumphant Tale of Robert Downey Jr.

Lesson Five:  The Infamous “Progressions Through A Lifetime” class

Reviewing conjunctions, retrogradation, stellia, indicators of crisis, stationery periods, and long term aspects coming to light

This 90 minute class (it may run longer) serves as both practice and review.  One famous person; one volatile chart; one roller-coaster of an astrological ride.  Be astonished at the timing of the universe.

Lesson Six:  Adding Transits to Progressed Positions

Also, your choice of a ‘review/exam’ or a look at your own charts with progressions and transits

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