Updates on Next Classes (follow up to the Gyre)


I have already emailed a few of you re scheduling, but I will begin scheduling the Vertex early next week, and the first class of Foundations after that.  Remember that Foundations is something different–you can schedule on different days as we go along, unless you want to commit to a time slot.

Currently, Foundations is being licked into shape as an e book, so that the table of contents will be clickable and there will be other consistencies.  I may have to send out a more rough version so that we can start, but you will get your finished version when it’s ready.  As I said, the charts will be very different anyway, so the final, final version won’t be available until September.  The deadline for Foundations will also be later, giving you more time to finish the course.
I had a rough week last week, and missed a few days,  so things are moving at a slightly slower pace.  Good thing it’s the summer.
Thanks for your patience.


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