Last Chance for Beta Foundations and the Vertex (for now)



Hi folks,

There is still time if you would like to sign up for the Introduction to the Vertex class or the Foundation course.  The Foundations course will be available in e book format in September, but for one time only I am teaching it as a course. This is so that I can tweak the book and the charts I’m using.  You will be helping me pull the book together.

I announced it in the Gyre and now have a class list, but there is still room.  There are five separate sessions to the Foundations Course and you go at your own pace.  The five sessions are $275.

The Vertex class is a one off, and will last about 75 to 90 minutes.  It is $125.  It may be offered at other times of the year, unlike the Foundations Course.

If you are interested in either, please email me at with the class title as subject.



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