With a Heavy Heart

On behalf of Dawn Bodrogi’s family, it is with a heavy heart that we announce Dawn’s passing.  As some of you know Dawn had been battling chronic lyme disease and had been in poor health. Please know dear readers that you brought Dawn joy and we hope her guidance and writing brought you wisdom.  For those of you who were looking forward to her publications we are working on getting Dawn’s Foundations Course, consisting of lectures and self-study exercises, published by summer.  The course focuses on the essentials of chart analysis and will include a bonus section on chart synthesis. If you wish to purchase a copy or to share a memory please visit the Dawn Bodrogi Panegyric Page found on Facebook:    Going forward, we will use this page for updates.  Finally, if you have a loved one struggling with Lyme disease you may wish to make a donation to the Lyme Disease Clinical Research Center at Johns Hopkins University by clicking on this link   Thank you all for the years of support and love, The Dawn Bodrogi Family.

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