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The long-promised work on Chiron in Synastry, Beyond the Wound, is being put together by Createspace and will be available as both a trade paperback and an ebook on

The book on Secondary Progressions, The Inner Wheel, is being updated to include sections on the four major asteroids and the Black Moon Lilith.

The Foundations Course, consisting of lectures and self-study exercises, is being edited right now.  The course focuses on the essentials of chart analysis and will include a bonus section on chart synthesis.

THE INNER WHEEL:  A NEW LOOK AT SECONDARY PROGRESSIONS will also emerge as an ebook from Createspace.  Thanks to all of you who have expressed an interest.

The Inner Wheel: A New Look at Secondary Progressions

Secondary Progressions have traditionally been used for predictive purposes, but very little has been written about their role as the map of the soul’s journey.  Where transits and directions show us the ‘when’ and ‘how’ of a chart, the proper use of secondary progressions shows us the ‘why.’  Understanding the spiritual function of secondary progressions is key to getting the most meaningful reading of a natal chart.  It shows ‘where we are now’ in terms of our spiritual development.

This is not a ‘cookbook’ explanation of progressed planets and aspects; this is a guide to interpreting/reading the progressed chart in terms of individual growth.  The progressed chart is an important tool for understanding how transits and directions will manifest, according to the individual’s current spiritual needs.

Astrologer Stephen Arroyo once called the progressed Sun the hour hand and the progressed Moon the minute hand on the clock face of our lives.  This book describes in detail how the movement of the lights and the progressed angles define the parameters of our spiritual readiness, and how the individual aspects coming into close orb point the way to the soul’s current intentions.

Pub date to be announced.

  1. Amy Herring 06.13.10 / 3pm

    I agree with your progression assessment! Excellent. Looking forward to it.

  2. Sv2 08.01.11 / 12am

    I am sooo looking forward to your book dawn… something about your writing feels “right on” and very therapuetic…i usually get this similar vibe when i read something related to rumi or sufi-ish theological texts…I almost read everything twice coz i absolutely luv it 🙂

    Much love and regards….

  3. Dawn Bodrogi 08.01.11 / 11am

    Thanks, Amrit.

  4. Sol With Jonassen 03.17.12 / 4am

    Yes, joining the choir here…Hopefully we wont wait too long..:)

  5. joyyy 04.27.12 / 4am

    can’t Hardly wait for ur book.

  6. katey 05.22.12 / 10pm

    your blog is full of great info. I pretty much bookmarked every post! so excited about the book!!

  7. Venus Flytrap 12.06.12 / 3pm

    Looking Forward to read your Book !

  8. Karen LaPorte 08.21.13 / 8am

    Were can I obtain a copy of you book? I can’t seem to find it.

  9. Dawn Bodrogi 08.21.13 / 8am

    Hi Karen–I’m sorry, but the book is not available yet, due to new information about the asteroids in progression that is being added. I will edit this page to reflect that. Thanks for asking. I will let everyone know about a release date as soon as I know myself.

  10. Veronica 12.12.14 / 1pm

    When is your book coming out? Can’t wait to read it 🙂 Happy upcoming Holidays BTW.

  11. Kelli Concannon 04.15.16 / 2am

    Can’t wait, we need your wisdom in our hands.

  12. ray 05.28.17 / 8pm

    Dear Dawn,

    Would be nice to know when your publications hit the light of dawn!

    You are a light in the world of astrology and have something to share which is pretty unique in all that planetary noise going about.

    So please keep it goig, bus sure you have a way of keeping us curious. Would be nice also to just be able to buy the foundation course for the sake of entertainment without that one needs to take the course. Would be nice.

    Ray bonno

  13. Dawn Bodrogi 05.29.17 / 5pm

    You will be able to buy the Foundations Course in September.

  14. knichols 08.17.17 / 5pm

    I too am looking forward to your book

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