Synastry Series, and Q & A: All Questions Welcome

There is an understandable tendency to rush to compare charts without first analyzing the individual charts for relationship signatures.  We all want to see if we’re compatible with someone else.  However, it’s impossible to see compatibility without first analyzing the chart for the ‘inner script’ (as I call it) of relationship.   Someone may fit our inner script, but do we fit theirs?  I’m currently running a series of articles on analyzing individual charts for relationship potential.  A section called Synastry Studies will be posted every Tuesday that will help you understand the why and how of attraction and partnership.

On Fridays, I will post answers to any synastry questions you may have.   If you have  general astrology questions, starting next week I will answer them on Sundays in a section called “The Chart Workshop.”

Please feel free to ask and don’t be shy. I will answer any questions, from the simplest to the most complex. You can leave them in the comments box on the site or email me at  If you have chart data, please be sure to send it.


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