New — Off the Cuff Readings

A lot of people are looking for the type of guidance astrology can give but may not have the means to afford the usual fees. From time to time I offer ‘off the cuff’ readings at a greatly reduced rate. These readings differ from the usual natal readings in that I don’t do advance preparation for them–normally, with a regular reading, I will do a pre-interview, send some notes to the client in advance, sort out the main themes in the chart, and go into detail about the year ahead with progressions and transits. These ‘off the cuff’ readings I’m offering are spontaneous. They last about 45 minutes and can focus on whatever topic you like–including a look at the year ahead–but we will do it on the fly. If you wish, you can also ask me any questions you have about astrology, and use the time as a tutoring session. The focus is on the natal chart only. We can discuss relationships, but only within the context of your own chart.

An accurate birth time is important for these. Each block of 45 minutes will cost 37 US dollars. You may schedule more than one block. Time is available between now and December 22nd, and then again from January 4th to the 9th.

If you’re interested, please email me at and I will give you instructions for payment (Paypal only–unless you are a former client or student). We will schedule a time via email and I will phone you for the consultation.

I look forward to meeting and working with you all.


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