Bang or Bust? The Big “Cardinal Cross”

There have been a lot of words printed in astrological circles recently about the “Big Cardinal Cross” that’s forming on our doorstep. This summer is supposed to be a volatile one. Everyone is wondering how these major conflicting energies are going to effect them personally, particularly those of us with early cardinal planets. No one likes grand crosses–ask anyone who was born with one (like poor Robert Downey Jr., whose chart we’ve been working in our progressions class). Four different energies opposed and square, fighting one another for expression. The more volatile planets can act as a trigger, lighting the fuse for the built up tension–particularly when transited by the classic ‘triggers, Sun, Moon, Mars, and the transiting nodes. Natally, it is a bit like an explosion waiting to happen, and progressions, followed by transits, will tell us when we’re most under the thumb of developmental stress.

How we will cope with the upcoming stress transits has a lot to do with the condition of the planet or planets they touch in our charts. Transits do not happen in a vacuum. We have to analyze both our natal and progressed charts before we can really understand what a transit will mean. This goes for the cardinal cross, too. There may be global repercussions from this cross, but they will effect us all in different ways.

For a rational discussion of what’s to come, I’m going to turn you over to the competent hands of my friend, astrologer Anne Whitaker, who is writing a series about the cross on her blog. Anne is the author of the book “Jupiter Meets Uranus” which I featured on this site (read the feature here). One of my favorite things about Anne’s work is that she neither inflates nor diminishes the possible impact of changes in store. (I have been VERY disappointed with some heretofore reasonable astrologers who should know better than to scaremonger.) Please read part one of her series here, and don’t forget to follow up when she posts part two and three.

The crucial date we’re discussing is June 8, 2010. Not only do we have a cross, but Mars is opposite Chiron, also at 0 degrees, and in the afternoon here at EDT, the cross will be on the angles and the transiting Moon will hit 0 degrees Taurus. (If you click the image you will get a larger picture. Use your back button to get back here.)

June 8 2010, EDT, Libra rising

Am I concerned with all this conflicting energy? Not particularly. Change is certainly afoot, and there will be activity, that’s what the these planets are all about. The planetary energy indicates a tearing down of the old and outdated and a new perspective on how we relate. But the cardinal mode is also about movement. It’s about initiation, about implementation. It’s about making something real out of a new creative impulse. (Aries initiates, Cancer joins it to matter, Libra refines and balances and Capricorn builds.) I would be more concerned, I think, if this confuration was occuring in fixed signs. Jupiter/Uranus spends the summer in Aries before dipping back into Piscean waters for a long time (Jupiter goes way back to 23 Pisces). What happens in the summer will have something to do with recapturing some of the lessons we may have missed as both planets passed through the twelfth sign. And I’m more interested in what will happen at the end of the year, from October, when the transiting Nodes will hit Pluto in the early degrees of Capricorn/Cancer and eventually come to the midpoint of a Pluto/Mars conjunction. There’s a doozy of an eclipse in December, too.

Am I planning to do anything differently in the next six months? No. Well, Jupiter/Uranus is spending a lot of time on my Descendant, so perhaps the possibility of being abducted by an alien lover is close at hand, and I should keep a packed bag under my bed just in case. (I’m hoping for David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth, or Doctor Who, not Mork.) Seriously, the one thing I am doing is backing up my hard drive on something solid, not virtual. But that’s always good advice, grand cross or no.

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