It’s that time of year again–Off the Cuff Readings, and new Class Announcements

Greetings, gentle readers:

For those of you who haven’t been following the saga on Facebook, I haven’t posted recently or made the announcement about new classes and readings because of a complete computer meltdown. (Those of you who suggested I buy a new one rather than repair the old one last spring were absolutely right. I will always and forever listen to your sage advice.)

I’ve got the new computer in hand and it’s almost up and running again, save for the fact that I had to upgrade Solar Fire in order to load it on to this magnificent new machine, and I’m now waiting for some kind of product key from Astrolabe. Let’s hope they respond to cries of desperation.

As soon as I know everything is in place, I will be giving out info on winter classes. The winter session has the theme “In Search of Spirit” and will cover classes in reading Draconic charts, the Nodes and esoteric points in synastry, and new sessions of the Progressions Course, Progressions in Synastry and The Advanced Synastry Course. Other, short term classes will also be announced.

In the meantime, for those of you who have been waiting for the new session of Off the Cuff readings, I’m hoping to begin them on Tuesday, December 7th for two weeks until the 21st. If there is still a demand, I will schedule time between Christmas and into the New Year for a couple of days. After that, there will be no more Off the Cuff readings until midsummer.

For those new to the site, I offer Off the Cuff readings at a discount during the solstices. The readings are spontaneous (I do no preparation beforehand) but you can ask any questions on the natal chart and we can also discuss what’s coming up in progressions and transits in the year ahead. Last year the fee and the timing confused everyone, so this year I’m making it simple: $45 for one hour. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are giving the Off the Cuff readings as gifts, which is a fun thing to do. Payment is via Paypal only. Email me at for scheduling and payment instructions. If you’re thinking about this, I suggest you book soon, because they are very popular and the available time slots tend to fill up.

Hoping you all had a lovely holiday, with more joy to come.