Full Speed Into the Solstice

All is working again (finally–phew!) so we are set to go ahead into the winter season, my favorite time of year. The ‘darkening’ time of year never lasts long enough for me–I always wonder if other Twelfth House types feel the same. We may be more comfortable with the closing of cycles.

I am now booking Off the Cuff readings, so if you’re interested, let me know soon. The week between December 15th and 22nd still has openings (except for Sunday, which is fully booked). The fee for this spontaneous reading is $45 for one hour, payable through Paypal only. Email me with your data and we will schedule a time. Some of you have asked if you can show me another chart for a quick synastry. Yes, this is possible, as long as you understand that the reading can’t go very deeply into relationship dynamics due to the time constraint. For those of you new to the site, I give Off the Cuff readings twice a year around the solstices; I set aside time to give hour long, spontaneous readings for those who wish to have a reading but may not be able to afford a full reading fee. You can email me at alcuin9@gmail.com to schedule.

I’m introducing a new type of reading for the new year: The Family Dynamics reading. I’ve done this quite a bit with clients, who have asked for extended readings concerning early influences and the spiritual and psychological legacies passed down through families. The Family Dynamics reading discusses early influences in the natal chart, then goes on to examine the charts of up to four family members to see the themes that run through the group. If you’ve every wondered why siblings can have completely different reactions to the family structure and influence, this reading will explain it. Sometimes influences ‘skip’ a generation, and the legacies are carried from grandparent to grandchild. Sometimes one child has a deep identification with one parent and not another, and inherits the same unresolved and un-lived issues. This kind of study is always fascinating and is a good lesson in astrology, as we can see the way the planets live out different expressions of the same dynamic.

The fee for the Family Dynamics reading is $100 for 90 minutes. Accurate birth times aren’t necessary for all the charts, but would be helpful.

SOUL POINTS IN SYNASTRY: To initiate our Winter theme of “In Search of Spirit,” the first class I’m offering is a two part session called Soul Points in Synastry. The first session will center around the Nodes, their rulers, and aspects to the Nodes, followed by Part Two, which will focus on the Vertex and anti-Vertex, the Soli-Lunar Midpoint, an overview of the major asteroids in synastry, relevant Arabic parts and the North Node of Venus. This class, like all my classes, will be taught one on one over the phone, and you will need access to either a professional astrology program like Solar Fire or astro.com for charts. I will send you data ahead of the class. The fee for the two lessons is $75, payable via Paypal, and I will begin scheduling these lessons the week between Christmas and New Year. This set of lessons, like everything else that will be offered in the “In Search of Spirit” season, will only be offered for a limited time and will most likely not be offered again until this time next year. If you’re interested, send me an email at alcuin9@gmail.com.

It seems as though my recording and sending files problem is fixed, so all classes and readings from here on in will be recorded and sent to you via email, if you wish.

Hope everyone is taking time to enjoy the wisdom of this season.


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