New Look, New Classes, New Material

Hi folks,

I’m asking for a little more of your patience as I find the time to redesign The Inner Wheel. I’ll be coming back soon with a new look, new organization, and perhaps even a search engine function that actually works.

I’ve also got some articles ready to go up. In the near future, there will be new material on the Black Moon, part two of Ceres, a piece on Vesta, and more on the Chiron in Synastry series.

For those of you interested in classes, I’ll be taking students for the Advanced Synastry class beginning in May. There will also be a shorter series of classes on overcoming the obstacles of the North Node, what Saturn and the asteroids tell you about your sexual expression, and a class on Holistic Sex: Healing the Sexual Divide Through Astrology. And, for those of my progressions students who qualify for it, there will be, as long promised, Progressions Two: Progressions in Synastry.

Looking forward to chatting with you all again soon.


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