New Deep Cuts and Progressions One Coming Up!

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We may still be in mid-summer but it’s Back to School time at The Inner Wheel.

A new set of Deep Cuts will be on the agenda for August.  Deep Cuts is a short course devoted to  chart synthesis.  If you’re an intermediate student still struggling with lists of aspects, or someone who is always drowning in the detail of the chart without seeing the meaning or relevance, these classes are for you.  We put an emphasis on the angles, the Nodes, and their rulers in order to understand the chart from a more holistic point of view.   The theme of this Deep Cuts short course is “Crossing the Threshold.”  We will examine in detail the natal charts, progressions and transits involved with three people who did not get past their central Nodal return:  tortured genius Vincent Van Gogh, Crista McAuliffe, the first civilian astronaut who perished in the Challenger disaster, and Diana, Princess of Wales.  We will also take a look at the chart of the new Prince George and see the traces of family legacy.  You will learn the technique of using the Nodal return chart and get a taste of secondary progressions.  Each class is approximately an hour and 15 minutes, and is taught one to one over the phone at an arranged time.  I will record the class and send you an mp3 download link afterward. This Deep Cuts is especially designed for those who need practice in synthesis, although previous Deep Cuts students are welcome.

The three lessons are $165 and must be taken between August 5th and August 28th, no exceptions.  Since this is a short course, if a lesson is not made up by the 28th it will be forfeit.  If you are interested, please send me an email to with the subject title “Deep Cuts  (Your Name).”  There are only a few slots open so if you are interested please act quickly.

And now the big news:  for those of you waiting to sign up for another session of Progressions One, the time is now.  I know a number of you have already expressed a desire to take this course, so if you are certain you are interested please send me an email to the above address with the subject, “Progressions One (Your Name).”   I am usually able to teach this course only once a year, so if you want to learn this essential astrological technique please let me know.  The seven part class is $295 and is payable in two installments.  I don’t exaggerate by saying that once you learn to read progressions, you will never look at a chart the same way again.  Progressions reveal what is most crucial to spiritual development at any given time and reading a natal chart without them is like having a sandwich without the filling.  We will begin scheduling classes the week of the 8th of September.  Course details will be up soon.

Looking forward to working with you all.

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