Basics Redux Starting Soon! A New Look at the Fundmentals of Astrology

Blue Nautilus

The 3 Part Basics Redux course is starting in March. This is a good opportunity for those who are pressed for time. We cover as much ground as the full course, but in a more focused way.

Think Virgos are fussy, Cancers are maternal and Librans dither? Think trines are easy and the Ascendant is ‘the Mask?’ Think the MC describes career? Think again… Basics Redux goes deep into the esoteric meanings behind all the common astrological tools we use: number, polarity, planetary alignment, aspects angles and signs. It will help you integrate chart information so that you can interpret the chart in a more holistic way.

Lesson One, The Signs Redefined:

Much of current understanding of signs is based on Victorian and Edwardian definitions, many of which no longer apply in the modern world. Current astrology has also confused sign expression with houses. Each of the signs has a deeper, more vital archetypal meaning and this new territory is what we will explore. We will get beyond the surface of the signs and understand them regarding number, modality, polarity, and esoteric rulerships. The ‘story’ behind the modalities will be emphasized, as well as how to use modality to interpret aspects and planetary positions. Out of sign aspects and intercepted signs will no longer be confusing.

Lesson Two, The Foundation of the Chart–The Angles and The Lights:

The Ascendant as ‘the mask’? The MC as ‘career’? The Descendant as ‘partner’? The I.C. as ‘Home and Family’? Only on the tip of the iceberg. Take the plunge and discover why the angles are on fire, the gateways of matter on the face of the infinite. You will come away with a new respect for what the circle divided actually represents. We will talk about the Vertex as the ‘Electric Ascendant’ and how it differs from the actual Ascendant.

Interpreting the phasal relationship of the Sun and the Moon is a short cut to delving deep into a chart to understand how others process their life experience. Knowing this technique will simplify and streamline interpretation. Analyzing the Lights’ position in relation to other planets in the chart unveils a karmic purpose no other technique reveals. Learn about the role of the lights in creating our reality.

Lesson Three, Going Deep with Aspects:

Squares bad, conjunctions good? Trines always positive? Not really. Learn about the hierarchy of aspects according to sacred number. Find out why a square causes tension, and why sextiles chatter. Understanding the hierarchy of aspects will clarify whatever confusion there is concerning what is dominant in a chart. We will also cover so-called ‘minor’ aspects and rediscover their importance. Semi-squares, quincunxes, semi-sextiles, and the esoteric aspects will reveal their secret powers in helping us interpret a chart.

The classes will begin the week of March 9th and must be finished by March 30th. Because these courses are so short, if you miss a class you will be given a recording of another student’s lesson–no exceptions. Please get in touch with me at with the heading (your name) BASICS REDUX if you are interested. ‘Basics’ comes with a workbook for the five part version which will be emailed to you before class. In your email, please give me some times you can be free for the class. The fee for The Basics Redux is $165, payable via Paypal. Placement is only guaranteed on payment. Classes will be taught between 12 noon and 4:30 pm Eastern time most days per week.

As with all my classes, our sessions will be recorded and a link to download an mp3 will be sent directly after class. The lessons take place over the phone or Skype (audio only) and charts will be sent to you ahead of time.


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