Short Course #2: Draconic Synastry

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Short course number two examines the role of the Nodes and the Draconic chart in Synastry.

The modern astrological community has come to understand what most ancient astrologers knew–the primary importance of the nodal axis.  It represents the direction of the growth of our conscious awareness:  how could it not, when it reveals the points where the path of the Moon (the past) and the path of the Sun (the present becoming the future) intersect?  When we ask the question, “Why are we here?” the Nodes, of all the elements in a chart, come closest to answering it.

How could the Nodes not be of primary importance, then, in our relationships?  For many of us, and certainly for most of us when we are younger, our relationships are the most important stepping stones to spiritual growth.  The pain, the loss, the longing we suffer point us to the path of compassion, wisdom and understanding.  In the irony of love, we become whole through breaking.  Our nodal axis represents the balance we must achieve by aligning the energies of the Sun and the Moon.  When we are in relationship, the sacred alchemical marriage occurs both within and without.

The Draconic chart is the natal chart drawn up from the point of view of the Nodes.  It places the Nodes at the core of the chart, with the alchemical marriage as the primary goal.  The entire chart is redrawn according to a Nodal measurement, much the way a Solar Arc chart is drawn up entire from the point of view/measurement of the progressed Sun.  On its own, the chart looks the same, as everything has the same placement, but the signs change.  If, perhaps, you are born with the natal Sun in Pisces and never felt very Piscean, it is likely that you relate more to your Draconic Sun’s placement.  This feeling can apply to any Draconic planet.

“Feeling” is the key word here.  Our Draconic charts are intimate, private.  The natal chart describes our interaction with the external world, but the Draconic chart is who we are when we are utterly alone.  The Draconic chart placed against the natal chart reveals a deeper layer of our awareness–sometimes so deep that it is something we would prefer others not to see.  An astrologer placing the Draconic chart against the natal will not have to ask the client half so many questions–that person with Neptune on the MC will not be confused or wavering about career direction if the Draconic Saturn falls there.  That person will be compelled (and have the talent) to turn her career dreams into a reality.  The person with an Aries Mars on the Descendant will not be so aggressive towards others if the Draconic Neptune falls there.

This Short Course is a three part workshop course in using the Draconic chart in chart comparisons.  The course will vary slightly depending on whether or not the student has already taken my Introduction to Draconic Charts class.

Class #1:

For the students who have not taken the Intro class, we will spend the first lesson discussing the role of the Nodes in relationship and placing the Draconic chart against the natal.   For those who have taken the Intro class, we will jump directly into relationship signatures and how the Draconic chart affects what we seek in a partnership.  In particular, what roles do the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars play?  How do they affect our attitudes to real intimacy?  What is the significance of Venus and Mars in Draconic charts, given the fact that all Nodes in the Draconic chart are placed at 0 Aries/Libra?

Class #2:

Class two focuses on placing the Draconic chart against the other’s natal chart.  The subtle differences in this biwheel, as opposed to the natal biwheels, often reveal relationship patterns and behaviours that are not readily seen in a natal comparison.  Intimacy issues are of particular importance here. If your loved one confuses you and you can’t see the behavior in the natal chart, the Draconic comparison will reveal it.  Also, we will go further in discussing the meaning of Nodal contacts between charts, and the difference between natal to natal Nodal contacts and Draconic to natal nodal contacts.

Class #3:

In Class three we will explore the use of Draconic composite charts.  A midpoint chart of the Draconics placed against the familiar midpoint composite unravels the mystery of why two people behave the way they do in their relationship.  What sort of fate is in store for this relationship and how will the people involved respond to the challenges put before them in their Nodal composite signature?

For each of these classes, we will discuss one set of data for a public/historical couple, which I will provide, and one set of data you will bring to the class.  (I will provide data if you prefer not to.)  If you have particular public figures you would like to look at, I am open to all suggestions provided the birth times are both accurate.  Data must be given to me at least two days before the start of each class; if not, we can draw up charts during class time but it will cut into the time.  If you don’t have Solar Fire, or a comparable program, I will draw up the necessary charts and send them to you.  Astrodienst does not provide comparative or composite Draconics.

Again, I must remind everyone that if a class is missed there is no making it up for these short courses.  If you miss a class, you will be sent a recording of another student’s class and the respective charts.

All classes will be recorded and a link to download an mp3 sent to you after the class.  The fee of $175 is due via Paypal before the class begins.  Please email me if you need details.

Spaces are very limited, so if you are interested you should get in touch with me as soon as possible (  Please send me days and times you will be available, and a phone contact or Skype name if I don’t have one for you.  Classes are given from noon to 5:00 pm most days per week.

I am hoping that we will be able to begin this class the week of March 9th, but due to make-up classes in the Soul Synastry course we may begin the week beginning the 16th.  If the uncertainty is a problem for anyone due to scheduling conflicts, let me know.




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