Evolve into Spring! Progressions One begins in May!

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Astrologers are very good at tossing around big, high-concept words like ‘spiritual,’ ‘soul journey,’ ‘shamanistic.’   We talk about ‘transformation’ and the ‘evolution of consciousness.’  We say times of great crisis are ‘opportunities for change’ and the ‘heightening of awareness.’  But often, the jargon is a cover for a lack of specificity.  What we really want to know, as clients, is, “What kind of transformation?  What needs to change?  And how painful will it be?”  And often there is a deeper, unacknowledged question lurking in the depths.  That question is, “Why?”

Most astrology that you read these days focuses on transiting planets to provide us with information.  It makes sense. They are fairly simple to read. The natal chart is the map of one’s potential and the picture of one’s essence.  It contains all that we are and all that we may be.  The way the current sky affects it, the way current circumstances ‘rock the boat’ can be accurately described by focusing on what planets and houses are affected.  Anyone who has experienced an outer planet on an angle will attest to this.  Change comes marching in, whether we’re ready for it or not.  Transits can accurately describe what needs to change and how that change will occur.  But the one question a transit will never answer is the most important one–”Why?”  Why is this happening to me now?

“Why” is answered, very clearly, by an accurate reading of the progressed chart.

The progressed chart is the map of the natal chart moved on from the time of your birth to where you are right now, this minute.  The concerns revealed in the progressed chart are the ones uppermost in your mind, heart and soul right now, because they are also the ones uppermost in your journey toward growth.  The progressed chart tells us how far we’ve come, and what we have yet to do.  Most importantly, it tells us where we are in terms of our personal cycle–are we coming to a progressed new moon, which is a rare (28 year cycle) occurrence involving major endings and beginnings?  Or are we facing the crisis of rebirth necessary when the progressed Ascendant hits Pluto, Neptune or Uranus?  A progressed new moon will happen two or three times in a lifetime if we’re lucky.  The progressed Ascendant will only hit that outer planet for a three year period, and then never again.  Both indicate times of intense transformation that will not be revealed by transits.  Without the progressed chart, we may have the experience but miss the meaning.

The phasal relationship of the Sun and Moon, indicated in the birth chart, puts a colour and flavour on the entire life.  It indicates how we approach our lives and how we make sense of them, and provides a fundamental clue to our personality.  The progressed Sun and progressed Moon are the most important indicators in the progressed chart.  As they move around the progressed chart and interact with both the progressed and natal charts, they trigger major life events and crises that reveal to us new elements of our being and new roads we must travel in order to live authentic and fulfilled lives.  The Nodes, too, increase in importance in the progressed chart.  The Nodes themselves are indicators of soul growth; in the progressed chart, they take on heightened importance as progressed planets make aspects to them and to the Nodal rulers, revealing the meaning of current life events in the context of our growing spiritual awareness.

Without the ability to read progressed charts, an astrologer, no matter how skilled, has only a shallow grasp of the meaning of life events.  The progressed chart puts all of life’s challenges, joys, disappointments and tragedies into a meaningful context.  Most of us became involved with astrology because we wanted an answer to the not so simple question of ‘why?’   The techniques learned in Progressions One will help you provide the answer for yourself and others.

I’ll be honest with you–Progressions One is not an easy course.  You will be asked to look at  charts in an entirely new way, and to rethink basic attitudes to aspects and angles.  But I guarantee that you will never look at a chart in the same way again– and you will not regret it.




CLASS ONE:  The Clock Face of Your Life

An Introduction to the Progressed Chart

What is a progressed chart? How do we use it as an astrological tool and what does it provide in a spiritual and evolutionary context?  How does it relate to the natal?

The Importance of Progressed Angles:  Thresholds of Manifestation

How do we measure a progressed angle? The four different methods of progressing an angle.  The importance of angles and angle rulers.  Charts:  An illustration of the four methods of angle progression.  Info Sheet:  Why we are using the Naibod Arc in Right Ascension.

Movement in Progressions:  The Meaning of Progressed Planets; Progressed Movement of the Planets and an overview of Retrogradation/Station in Progression.  The Inner Planets versus the Outer Planets by Progression—making the generational, personal.   Ephemeris and Sheet for study.

Homework:  Memorize sheet on progressed movement.  Find the retrogrades/direct movement in your own progressed chart.


CLASS TWO:  The Lunation Cycle in Progression

Crossing the Threshold of Awareness

The Lunation Cycle in Progression

The Importance of the Sun and the Moon by Progression; How we meet the world– personality type and consciousness according to Sun/Moon

New Moons, Full Moons, and our personal cycle of Crisis and Growth.  Charts:  a look at Soli-lunar critical moments and repeating cycles.  The Sun, the Moon and the Crisis of Consciousness.  The Lights and the Angles.

Homework:  Training the eye for progressions.


CLASS THREE:  The Inner Planets

Rethinking Aspects—Throwing ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Out the Window

Re-interpreting Aspects in the Progressed Chart.

The Chart in Motion—Critical Aspect Patterns.

Progressed ‘sandwiches,’ critical degrees, hot spots and all the rest. An introduction to planetary weighting in progression. Using triggers within the Progressed Chart.  Looking at progressions in crisis and life turning points.

Follow up to Retrogradation in Progression and it’s Spiritual Implications in the Chart

Class charts:  Aspects in Progression


CLASS FOUR:  The Importance of the Outer Planets and the Movement of the Nodes Via Progression—Soul Renewal

The Grand Plan of the Outer Planets—The One invaded by the All

Slower moving aspects coming exact by Progression

The Spiritual Spine of the Progressed Chart:  The Nodes in Progression

Change in Nodal Movement;  Retrograde and Direct, Nodes Changing Signs and/or houses by Progression

Class chartwork:  A look at three lives at critical moments (TBA).

Homework:  Biography of next week’s biographical study  (TBA).


CLASS FIVE:  Crises in Consciousness

A class where we follow the progressed development of some natal themes throughout a lifetime.  Biography will be announced prior to class.  Note:  This is a ‘double’ class and will run roughly twice the usual class length.  Class prep is not extensive but necessary.


CLASS SIX:  Trigger Happy—Timing via Progression

The Progressed Chart, the Natal Chart, and Transits.  Putting it all together.

The use of ‘trigger’ planets and points in manifesting events.  Examining internal and external manifestation of events.

Repeat aspects:  Mirrors between the Natal and Progressed Charts

Charts provided:  TBA



Part One:  I provide a series of charts and a brief biography/autobiography.  You do the talking.  Emphasis is on progressed movement and life themes.

Part Two: I provide ‘blind’ charts..  You do the talking again.  Emphasis is on being able to recognize and interpret crisis points.



PROGRESSIONS ONE will begin scheduling the week of May 4th.  Each class is taught one on one over the phone/Skype at an appointed time each week.  Class materials will be sent to you ahead of time.  Please choose a time when you can be consistently available.

Regrettably, I have had to put a new policy into place regarding missed classes.  If you miss a scheduled class for any reason, you will be sent a recording of another student’s session and be given time to go over that session briefly the following week prior to the scheduled lesson.  There will be no exceptions.

If you are interested in the class, please email me at alcuin9@gmail.com.  At this point the class is nearing 50% full, so if you know you are interested please contact me right away.

The fee for the 8 part class (6 single sessions and one double session) is $295.  It can be paid in two installments of $150 and $145.  The first payment is due before classes begin, the second is due between Lesson 3 and 4.  The fee is payable via Paypal.  (If you would like to make other arrangements, please contact me at alcuin9@gmail.com.)

Progressions One is a prerequisite for Progressions Two, Progressions in Synastry.  Because we are learning new techniques here, there are no exceptions.  Progressions Two will follow in the Summer of 2014.