At Last–Progressions in Synastry Returning (aka Progressions Two)!

drawing of Sun Moon embracing


It’s back!  Progressions Two is returning to the curriculum.

I don’t teach this class very often, at most once every two years or so.  This is because learning about progressions is a lengthy process and they take a while to absorb.  We learn the techniques easily enough, but getting a feel for them and their relationship to the natal chart  is something else again.  And getting a feel for them is crucial to studying them in  synastry.  We need to have garnered a certain amount of experience.

The progressed chart is the best tool we have for knowing when relationship opportunities will present themselves.  It will also tell us if someone will get involved in a relationship and it will often tell you why (not all hook-ups have the same motivating factors).  While no one can ever know how long a relationship will last, we can, with certain techniques, get a sense of its potential longevity, and whether or not it will cross over the threshold from ‘in love’ to ‘love’–a mark of the fulfillment of the spiritual potential within a partnership.

Progressions Two is only open to those who have studied Progressions One with me.  This is because we have learned certain techniques and interpretation tools in Progressions One that we will be refining here.  An understanding of progressed movement and cycles, particularly of the Moon and the Sun, is necessary.  A detailed description of this five part class will be posted soon.  We will be studying relationship readiness/timing (when someone is ripe for partnership); the significance of meeting charts via progression, and the function of both the progressed midpoint and Davison charts.  One of the classes will be devoted to a case study of a problematic relationship and the accompanying progressions and midpoint progressions, plus transits to the progressed charts.  We will learn the difference between Moon/Sun and Venus/Mars contacts via progression and how they describe different qualities in relating.  We will also interpret the involvement of the four major asteroids and the Black Moon Lilith.  The most important lesson will we learn in Progressions Two is how to see what one person is contributing to another’s spiritual advancement, potential, and personal integration, whether or not a relationship is meant to ‘last.’

The five part class will begin the week of August 18th and after two lessons will take a break the first week of September, after which we will pick up for the last three lessons. (There may be an optional lesson six for an additional fee.)  Classes will run about an hour and 15 minutes each.  The fee for the course will be $275 which can be paid in two installments of $150 and $125.  Missed classes, according to new policy, will not be rescheduled.  If you miss a class you will receive a recording of another student’s session with time for questions during the following session.  When scheduling, please choose a day and time when you can be consistently available.  Classes will be scheduled between noon and 4:30 pm Eastern time.

I will begin scheduling  next week.  If you are interested in the course, please let me know as it will most likely fill up quickly.  There are several rounds of Progressions One students who have already expressed an interest (some of whom have been waiting a long time).  Please send me an email with the subject line “Progressions Two” if you would like a place in the class.  Only payment will guarantee a position.

Very much looking forward to studying with you all again.



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