The Black Moon Lilith Quiz — Chart Number One



In sorting through these seven charts, we needed to ask ourselves some questions.  First, what qualities are we looking for?  What differentiates a serial killer/psycho-sociopath from the ordinary person?  I would think that we would be looking, primarily, for two things:  a capacity for violence and a lack of accountability.  It is one thing to commit a crime of passion, quite another to perform the sort of ritualistic murder that a killer like Bundy was capable of.  So we are looking for both violence and detachment, someone who accounts to no one or nothing.

I think, if I were playing the game and didn’t know the people involved, I may have paid a lot of attention to chart number one.  The Black Moon is almost never a good match for Uranus, unless Uranus is forward-thinking and not reckless and rebellious. There she is in a tight conjunction on the MC. A considered Uranus can help BML  move outside the box, where she belongs.  But otherwise, she may lead to chaos and destruction wherever she touches.  Opposite Pallas on the IC,  it may lead to dark obsessions, rigid thinking, fears of all kinds.  And I have to admit to not liking the Mars/Ceres conjunction in the 4th.  As we found out in the Dark Goddess class, this can be a dangerous combination.  Mars can give Ceres permission to use her scythe with enthusiasm, cutting out and down whatever she is focused on.  The conjunction, in particular, is prone to violence or violent cutting out (which is applicable in this case, as we will see).  Saturn, again, is buried in the 12th and not doing very much.  And Jupiter in its own sign (willful Sag) tightly conjunct the Desc and square Vesta in the fifth may indicate a fascination with ‘other.’  However, though we have Jupiter in its own sign conjunct the angle it rules, we also have Uranus in the same situation.  Given a fight between the two, my bet is on Uranus, and the career may win out.

This is someone with talent who wants to use it. The Sun is very strongly placed in the 2nd house, conjunct the chart ruler, Mercury, from one side and both Venus and Pluto from the other.  Strong second houses usually translate to a strong sense of self and often of purpose.  It’s an earth house, we are here to accomplish something.  All of the energy of the dispositors of planets here land back in the 2nd house.  It lends a different meaning to the MC which, instead of being wild and untamed, may be fantastically creative attached to that Pallas and may actually show genius or a brilliance of mind (with Pallas in the third). The Sun is quincunx the MC/IC and the opposition of BML/UR–usually quincunxes between the Sun and MC/IC show individuals who are passionately ambitious, though they will deny it.  You will, no doubt, wonder about Sun/Pluto/Venus.  This person is attracted to  taboo, but because the illumination of the Sun and the Venus are nearby, the self-destructive aspect is mitigated. The ‘passion’ indicated here is not turned to sexual things or particularly dark things (planets in Cancer and Gemini) but turns inward toward things of the mind. (Puzzles, for example.)

Looking again at the Mars/Ceres, we see that the potential violence of this aspect doesn’t really have an outlet to perform.  In fact, it’s making a very nice trine/sextile to the Nodes, usually an indicator of a positive use of Mars energy.  And, of the Nodes themselves, those who come into this world with Libra South Nodes usually have an overabundance of niceness/capitulation/compromise.  The Moon there only emphasizes the gentleness of the Libran influence.  Mars is meant to be used to access the North Node in the 12th house, and, the North Node being the North Node and can present the most positive indication of a sign.  Yes, sometimes the North Node ruler can lead us down dark alleyways, but usually not into violence unless indicated in the rest of the chart.  At its best, it acts as a guide, and Mars in the fourth can stimulate the consciousness.

Whose chart is this?  This chart belongs to one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, Alan Turing Turing, while working for British intelligence during World War II, broke the Enigma code which allowed us to win the war.  For all intents and purposes, he invented what we now know as the modern computer.  Turing also pioneered work in chemistry and mathematical biology.  Time magazine has nominated Turning as one of the top 100 most influential people of the 20th century, claiming that “everyone who taps a keyboard working on an incarnation of Turing’s machine.”

In spite of many awards from the British government, Turing was arrested in the early fifties for homosexual solicitation in the days when it was illegal (BML/Uranus is found often in charts outside the sexual ‘norm’–also BML Sun, Moon or Mars).  He was given hormone injections to ‘correct’ his inclinations.  In 1954, Turing was found dead of an apparent suicide (Mars/Ceres turned inward to the psyche).  It was said he ate an apple dipped in cyanide–apparently he was obsessed with the story of Snow White, particularly the part about the poisoned apple.  Turing adored his own mother,  (BML = Wicked mother)  (Libra Moon mother actual mother).  and could not abide the shame he caused her.  In 2013, the British government apologized for arresting Turning and gave him a formal pardon.



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