BML Challenge: Chart # 5





I think that this chart is the most tricky of the seven, considering whose chart it is.  This is the chart of a saint  (or near-saint–it’s hard to keep track of papal doings).  Mother Teresa, who devoted her life to the poor, the disenfranchised, the untouchable, the forgotten.  Is there a point where a human being gives up its soul, through suffering, is through fighting, to end up as something else, something we might not recognize as human?  This is where Mother Teresa stepped in.  Through love, through compassion, she gave them back their souls again.

As you will clearly see, if you have any familiarity with reading a chart, that this chart is not on the surface full of love and grace and gentleness.  If fact, it’s a fighting chart, and given the enormity of the task in front of her, highly appropriate.



There is our friend Pluto on the Descendant, with the South Node conjunct Lilith in the 11th house.  Off the bat, this suggests previous lifetimes of confrontations with others, uses and abuses of power, arguments (Gemini)  concerning social welfare (SN 11th house).  Mars, the secondary ruler, is in Virgo in the 8th.  You do not mess with this woman regarding what she believes is right, for the world or otherwise.  A Scorpio South Node is usually deeply entrenched in confrontational behaviour.  They don’t like to stick out, but they are always testing the waters, and testing you.  On the whole, they do not trust, and faith does not come easily.  The Mars in Virgo is highlighted in the 8th, the house it belongs in (via Scorpio).  Mars in Virgo will whittle you to death with detail; it will split hairs until it exhausts you.  It is relentless, and it wants results.  It is very effective there, but also longing for transformation, internal and external.  It wants to be delivered via ‘other’ in some way.  We have a certain karma regarding this behaviour in this case of the SN.

Now, BML on the SN indicates a particular sort of power.  Sometimes it can be a feminine, sexual power  (You can see pictures of a very attractive young Mother Teresa online).  Later, that feminine power becomes charisma, the ability to seduce in different ways.  BML on the SN can suggest a misuse of this power.  Sometimes it is misuse, sometimes it is simply a gift.  We can only tell which way it goes by aspects and by watching how a person uses that charisma in this life.  Here, the BML is sextile Mars, indicating more of a gift.  The Moon is very tightly opposite.  We have seen how BML opposite the Moon plays out in literary, artistic, and scientific talent.  It causes one to break new ground, to make one’s mark.  The same would hold true for the humanitarian field–where can we help where no one has helped before?  How can I find new ways of breaking through to others for their help?  How do I light the spark within?

It seems very clear that the way forward in this chart is developing the warm and earthy sensibilities of Taurus.  The Moon is exalted in Taurus, for good reason.  Taurus is the first feminine sign (Aries is the first masculine sign, and the Sun is exalted there).  The feminine realm is all about the earth, about our material wealth and our material needs.  Taurus is the natural guardian-keeper of all the good of the world.  A fifth house Moon celebrates the worth of each individual, no matter how beaten down or rejected.  That this is outside the realms of our usual experience/culture is shocking, but true nonetheless.  We need BML, and the experience of the chaos, to remind us of the sanctity of each life.  Rather than hiding behind a religion or an organization, Mother Teresa was meant to utilize her unique qualities to stand as a symbol for the work to which she was devoted.


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