Soon TBA in the GYRE!

Many of you will be excited to hear that the first new workshop on offer will be a 90 minute (or longer, depending) workshop on the mystery of the Vertex/Anti-vertex–it’s meaning and use in natal charts, progressions and transits.  We will also be introduced to the concept of Vertex Arcs.

Also, many of you have been waiting for the Foundations Course to be published.  The book is done and will be offered here in pdf format, nothing fancy for now (except for the fact that it is my lifetime’s work of astrological knowledge).  However, for one time and one time only, I’m offering the book in addition to tutorials on the chart work that will be supplied with each chapter.  So you will read the chapter on your own, and together we go through the charts. You will have an opportunity to ask questions.  I’m doing this as a way to test the charts I’m offering–are they too easy, or too difficult for the level of student the book is meant for?  Do the questions need to be tweaked?  You will be helping me hone the book for your fellow students.

There will be more information about these two new offerings in the Gyre, out later this week.

Also, down the line, the next course on offer will be Advanced Synastry.

Thanks.  Happy Summer.

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