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The Inner Wheel is a site devoted to intermediate and advanced astrological interpretation.  It tries for something a bit more in-depth than you usually find on a web site or a blog; we will explore the meaning behind the symbolism in astrology and take a look at what it means to live and work with astrological knowledge.  Here, we will discuss the  methods and means of astrological interpretation, but we will also tackle the often confusing question of how to live with and apply the knowledge we gain from our art.   We won’t have ‘how-to’ or ‘cookbook’ sessions as much as a gentle exploration of some uncharted (no pun intended) territory.

While The Inner Wheel is aimed at serious students of astrology,  there will be topics of interest for all.  Among the first entries is a five part series on the Sun as a creative force in the chart. (Please see the archives for August, 2009.) There are also in-depth articles on the meaning of the angles, particularly the MC/IC and how it relates to Saturn/Moon, and a three-part piece on the Ascendant/Descendant axis, “The Roving “I.”  I hope you enjoy exploring the archives.

My  areas of specialization are secondary progressions and synastry.  I will answer any questions you may have on chart interpretation.  Please leave questions in the comments boxes on the site  or email me directly at alcuin9@gmail.com.   Don’t be shy.  I will be happy to answer all levels of questions, from the most basic to the most complex.

I look forward to our journey together.




  1. Charyl 07.08.11 / 5pm

    Just wondering how long you’ve been on line? Sounds interesting. Like the gentle exploring bit.

  2. Dawn Bodrogi 07.08.11 / 8pm

    This site began in August of 2009, though I’ve been a professional astrologer for 25 years now.

  3. Dawn Bodrogi 07.09.11 / 11am

    The Inner Wheel began in August of 2009.

  4. irena 09.04.11 / 8am



  5. Dawn Bodrogi 09.04.11 / 10am

    Hi Irena, The best thing to do when you have a lunar return every month is to understand that it’s a personal new beginning, so it’s a good time to start things, especially if they will take some time. Each lunar return is different, according to the position of the planets, so it’s good to chart each lunar return. It will give you a snapshot of what the month ahead will hold for you in terms of challenges to both your emotional life and your everyday details. When the moon returns, it’s a good time for meditation, and the Moon in Scorpio is especially keen for that. Go down deep and try to find the truth in everything that you do.

  6. Sol With Jonassen 09.18.11 / 2pm

    I love your site, your work and the classes that I have taken with you Dawn..I am so happy to see that your blog is being read and that your work is getting out to the public. There is so much entertainment astrology out there, so this is a breath of fresh air..KUDOS!!

    Love Sol

  7. Dawn Bodrogi 09.19.11 / 8pm

    Thank you so much, Sol. You are a bright light in my life.

  8. Colleen 03.24.12 / 7am

    Hi Dawn,its great to have come across your site and I’m enjoying reading your work.
    I’m wondering about synastry interaspects and how important reiprocity of sign rulership is.
    My partner and I have a sun moon square, which can be tricky at times, however his sun is in Taurus, whih is ruled by Venus, and my moon is in Libra, also ruled by Venus. My sun is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury and his moon is in Gemini, also ruled by Mercury! I’m wondering if this is our ‘balancer’ – or is it not really that important?

  9. Dawn Bodrogi 03.27.12 / 12pm

    Yes, it does matter. It actually matters quite a lot, especially in your case, where the Sun and the Moon are involved. The dispositor of the Sun plays a more important role than most people realize, and carries a lot of weight in the chart. In essence here you are both highly influenced by Venus and Mercury–no bad thing. You both prefer harmony and you can both talk things out. But if Mars, say, was the common planet–a different story entirely. There would be more of an inclination to strife.

  10. Ben 05.09.12 / 4pm

    Hello Dawn,
    I have found some amazing information on your site. I have a number of things to ask you. One question is about the Sun and Leo. You have some very interesting ideals about the Sun and I was wondering how does do these ideas influence Leo as its ruling luminary?


  11. Dawn Bodrogi 05.10.12 / 1pm

    Hi Ben–I would like to answer your question, but you need to be more specific. I’m not sure what you’re asking.

  12. Nevena 05.30.12 / 1pm

    Dear Dawn, in a month I will have my second Progressed Lunar Return. At the same time the Progr.Moon will move to the 6th house, forming a conjunction with my nat.Mercury, trine with my natal Pluto and sextiles with my nat. Jupiter and Neptune. Do you think I can expect some interesting and favorable changes in my life?
    Thanks, I am so happy to know you and your work from this wonderfull site,

  13. Dawn Bodrogi 05.30.12 / 3pm

    Hi Nevina. I wish I could tell you that good things are coming your way, but reading progressed return charts is a lot more complicated than that. First of all, I’d be unable to do it without the natal chart and secondly, you would need to draw up a chart for when the progressed lunar return is first exact to the minute. That’s the chart that really needs to be interpreted in order for you to figure out how your progressed return will go. There are a lot of things to consider, including whether there are any long term challenging aspects happening with the progressed Sun, or if the return itself is under stress. I spend a lot of time teaching my progressions students how to read this chart and the chart of the Progressed New Moon. These are fundamental crossroads in life and can’t be taken lightly. But yes, if I were you I would expect some positive changes afoot, depending on house rulerships.

  14. Aniek 01.03.13 / 4am

    Hi Dawn
    I have my Vesta on my AC, can jou tell me if there is a specific meaning to this, thank you!!!

  15. Dawn Bodrogi 01.15.13 / 2pm

    With Vesta on the ASC, self-development becomes a sacred task. Every moment of life can become a spiritual exercise.

  16. Scarlett 02.23.13 / 2pm

    Hello Dawn!
    I read an article of yours on Sasstrology about inner planet aspects to angles in synastry, and i had a question. how important is it when your angles line up? for instance in my situation my AC/DC (1leo4/18cap16)runs parallel with his
    MC/IC (17can39/17cap39)* and my MC/IC (21ari25/21libra25) runs parallel with his AC/DC (16libra16/20aries43)*. Is this significant? * i used the meridian house system and noticed that the DC are not exact opposite AC. what house system do you find most accurate?

  17. Dawn Bodrogi 02.23.13 / 3pm

    It’s much more important than people realize. Angle/angle contacts help people to feel that they are on a path together, and that one influences the others life and vice versa. The angle rulers will be the same even if the angles are different (for example, if my Asc is Libra and your MC is Libra and they are conjunct, we are both heavily influenced by Venus). This is just as important with the Nodes and the Vertex, though angle/angle will be more obvious and active.

    I use Placidus almost exclusively.

  18. Sandra 04.08.13 / 4pm

    Hi Dawn, I was searching for information on Saturn opposition Saturn in synastry and found your website. Just great! I got stuck here and read the whole article, and wondered why I liked it so much (don’t read much good stuff these days; I usually go to ‘astro.com’ where I find some articles written by Liz Greene). When I saw your reading list I understood everything; I’ve got many of the books you recommend 🙂 I just wanted to congratulate you for all the information you have on your website. Very good material and also very good posts from people that know what astrololy is about.

  19. Dawn Bodrogi 04.14.13 / 3pm

    Thank you, Sandra. I’m glad you’re enjoying the site.

  20. anna 03.01.14 / 3am

    Hi, i would like to ask what means if i have the ruler of twelfth house in first house and scuare pluto?
    Thank you a lot!

  21. Dawn Bodrogi 03.01.14 / 3pm

    On it’s own, without the context of the rest of the chart, not much. The only thing you can make of this is that twelfth house experiences will be a part of creating the identity, and these experiences will be of a transforming nature. You need the whole chart to make sense of it.

  22. anna 03.03.14 / 10am

    thanks a lot


  23. Rosie 05.24.14 / 12pm

    Hi Dawn,
    I have spent the last month or so browsing your site in my free time, and I wanted to say thank you for putting all this information up on the web and making it available to everyone. It is much more to my taste and more useful to me than the ‘cookbook’ aspect interpretations I tend to find on other sites.
    I was wondering if you felt inspired to write about Sun-Venus in synastry in the the near future? I found your articles about Moon-Mars in the archives extremely helpful, and would love to read your thoughts on Sun-Venus. I have looked for this combination on other sites but I can not find anything with the depth you supply anywhere else. Any suggestions for where to look for information would be appreciated, but I’d rather have an article from you – of course – and I could not find any in your archives (there may well be one there and I just could not see it). Anything would be greatly appreciated. Of course, if you have no intention of writing about Sun-Venus, that is fine as well – I’m just operating on the ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’ principle here.
    Thank you once again for a wonderful site. I’m also looking forward to the further articles on the Dark Goddess(es). I shall enjoy reading those.

  24. Dawn Bodrogi 06.04.14 / 8am

    Thank you for your comments. I haven’t written about Sun/Venus because there isn’t much conflict in it, even in hard aspect. In hard aspect, two people might have different tastes, for example, but it isn’t enough to throw the relationship. You might have differences in some values. There isn’t a lot of ‘meat’ there. Many more important things to worry about, relationship-wise.

  25. Ella 11.06.15 / 8am

    Hi there Dawn,
    What a wonderful website you have! I’ve been very curious about something which I just discovered about mine and my partner’s charts. My Sun in Pisces conjuncts his north node, and his Sun in Virgo trines my north node in Capricorn. What does this mean?

  26. Dawn Bodrogi 11.09.15 / 1pm

    You are both guiding one another to your respective North Nodes. Your effect on him is most likely stronger than his effect on you.

  27. Anita fuller 02.22.16 / 2pm

    Hello dawn Thanks for your time and your site. Could you tell me something about moon in leo conjunct uranus ( 7 or 8 house) opposition chiron 1st? i feel incredibly sensitive and attuned to others feelings… but not easy to find my boundaries…i also work in the healing field with others and feel this aspect is somehow effecting this. Thanks so much i was born 2 of september 1956 4.10 pm driffield uk Many blessings Anita sorry repeating cos wanted to add to notify me with e mail when replied xxx

  28. Dawn Bodrogi 02.22.16 / 3pm

    Hi Anita–well, it’s impossible for me to comment and not for the usual reason. The reason is that we were born on the same day and the same year, and I’ve lived with this particular Moon/Uranus op Chiron aspect my whole life. Please read the Moon/Chiron articles on this site (there are two of them). When you add Uranus to the Moon, it adds a kind of electric quality to the body, and makes the body a conduit of all the energy it picks up. You have to be careful to cleanse your aura/essence when you are doing your healing. Sometimes we are cut off from what we feel, and sometimes it is exaggerated, extreme. Uranus brings insight. We may have a tendency to ‘cut out’ physically from time to time. There are natural telepathic and clairvoyant tendencies, and out of body or shamanistic experiences are common. Moon in Leo conjunct Uranus is difficult to live with at first (there are usually issues of abandonment, feeling isolated, and unappreciated) but later on we can feel the power of the Leo/Aquarius polarity coming alive within us, and this comes via help from Chiron, who resolves differences of extremes. Once we learn to lead and to do what is best for others, it is a very powerful energy, if unpredictable.

  29. Jen Ackler 04.01.16 / 7pm

    Hi Dawn,
    Is there any significance in having my sun-moon midpoint conjunct my vertex (under 1 degree orb) in my sixth house sagittarius? I can’t find information on the natal aspect rather than the synastry. Also, this website is so informational, and I learned a lot about astrology from here. Thanks !

  30. Dawn Bodrogi 04.05.16 / 1pm

    I’m afraid this is too complex an aspect for me to discuss within this space. Sorry.

  31. DENNIS BULLOCK 04.05.16 / 3am

    Dear Dawn l have a friend who wants to be closer to me than a friend her saturn is in my 5 house in my chart oppose my saturn in my 11 house everything is very good in our charts other than that we laugh alot together we feel attracted to each other lm a aries ascendent she is a libra ascendent my moon trines her mercury and her sun but should l go deeper in a relationship with her l came out of a relationship from the past where l was hurt bad now l meet this woman and she is coming toward me more and more but lm not sure if this is ok l like her but l just dont to be hurt any more l was born september 19.1962 she was born october 10 1975 Dear Dawn can u help me with some advice on this relatioship if l should go deeper or not thanks for your help all the best Dennis

  32. Dawn Bodrogi 04.05.16 / 1pm

    I’m sorry, Dennis, but you would need a full synastry reading to get the answers you seek.

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