Hi Folks.  If you are interested in taking the Advanced Synastry Course, the course has been delayed.

Classes will now begin the week of January 29th.

Very few slots are left.  The class description is as follows:

Advanced Synastry:  A seven week course
1 The shadow and the angles:  Projection and Psychological profile; the angles as magnets; projected planets.  Creating Gods:  the 2nd, 7th and 12th house pattern. The meaning of

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Advanced Synastry Course Coming Up in January





detail from Rodin's Lovers



The Advanced Synastry Course will begin the week of January 22nd and last for six weeks/lessons, until March 4th.  Although the basics remain, this is a newly revised version of the course and it should prove challenging.  We will do a great deal of angle work and focus on the particular hungers that can be identified in a relationship/partnership.  We will do some work

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