Evolve into Spring! Progressions One begins in May!

drawing of Sun Moon embracing


Astrologers are very good at tossing around big, high-concept words like ‘spiritual,’ ‘soul journey,’ ‘shamanistic.’   We talk about ‘transformation’ and the ‘evolution of consciousness.’  We say times of great crisis are ‘opportunities for change’ and the ‘heightening of awareness.’  But often, the jargon is a cover for a lack of specificity.  What we really want to know, as clients, is, “What kind

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Mastery and the Art of Saturn: Part Four, the Second Saturn Return

Purple and beige spirals


Just after we are challenged to sort out our internal direction once and for all (and to understand what we are here to learn in our lives, what we need to grow into), life throws another hurdle in our path.  Hooray, another Saturn Return.  Yippee.

Fortunately, most of us have made friends with Saturn by now.  Or at least, friendly acquaintances.  Saturn is no

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