Updates Due this Week

Updates for the Inner Wheel will be posted this week.  It has been a crazy winter, with the alchemy course taking off like wildfire and providing some exciting and unexpected results.  We haven’t discovered gold yet, but we’re getting there.

For those who are waiting for Off the Cuff readings, I’m afraid an illness prevented me from offering them at the Winter Solstice and they’ve been postponed for the time being.  I will fit them in

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BML Challenge: Chart # 5





I think that this chart is the most tricky of the seven, considering whose chart it is.  This is the chart of a saint  (or near-saint–it’s hard to keep track of papal doings).  Mother Teresa, who devoted her life to the poor, the disenfranchised, the untouchable, the forgotten.  Is there a point where a human being gives up its soul, through suffering, is through fighting, to

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