The Black Moon Lilith and Ted Bundy–answer to the BML quiz

Ted Bundy


Ted Bundy

  1. A lesson in cardinal houses. Cardinal houses will dominate, and here, one in particularly, with the added factor of having Jupiter at the ‘gate.’   Just organically, do you think the wildness and willfulness of Sag is a good blend with ruthless and relentless, taboo-breaking Scorpio?  The I.C. is the seat of consciousness, and with all the planets here, we have a representation of  a
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And the answer to the Black Moon Lilith game is…

Lilith by Gustave Klimt



…  CHART NUMBER SEVEN, Which is the chart of degenerate serial killer and psychopath Ted Bundy.

Even his own defense lawyer was quoted as saying, “Ted  was the very definition of heartless evil.”

We will go over the BML influence in this chart and then continue with the others, focusing on the way the black moon integrates itself within the rest of the chart.

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