BML Challenge Chart #3



Louis Pasteur
French Chemist, Microbiologist.

If you’ve ever overcome a serious illness and are still alive, you most likely owe your life to this hard-working scientist.

Louis Pasteur discovered the micro-world of germs and bacteria .  Before Louis Pasteur, infections were rampant, food spoiled quickly, and we knew nothing about hygiene.  We were at the mercy of disease, with no way to fight back, not even knowing we were contributing to the resources

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37 Year Old Goethe, by Anna Kaufmann


It’s difficult to do a short synopsis of Goethe’s life and all he accomplished within it, and how wide-ranging his influence was and remains.  No one who has read, “The Sorrows of Young Werther” forgets it–it ignited the entire Romantic movement and was the world’s first ‘bestseller.’   It’s as a writer I know Goethe best–as a novelist, dramatist and poet–but

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