Please note recent changes in fees and the type of readings offered.  Please email Dawn at for updated information and scheduling.

The usual waiting period is two to three weeks.

All readings take the form of a phone conversation.  This will be recorded and a link to download an mp3 of the session will be emailed to you afterward.  Sorry to say that CDs of the sessions are no longer available.  Both Natal and Synastry readings include progressions, transits, and a look at the year ahead.

Natal Readings

Dawn offers natal chart readings that focus on personal growth and spiritual development.  What lessons are we here to master?  How can we make life purposeful?  What blocks, misunderstandings and ‘inner scripts’ are preventing us from fully living the life we desire?   What issues are we facing right now, and how can we get the most out of the sometimes conflicting information, impulses and instincts that bombard us on a daily basis?

A phone consultation on the natal chart runs about 90 minutes and  is $175 US Dollars . Paypal payments are preferred, but U.S. checks and postal money orders are also accepted.  Overseas clients, please use Paypal.

Natal Reading including additional chart:  If you don’t want a full synastry but are have questions about a relationship and would like to add it to a natal reading, the fee is $75 extra per additional birth data. 

References available on request.  A link to download an mp3 of the session will be emailed to you afterward. Consultations can take many forms, so there will be a brief pre-consultation phone or email interview where you can discuss any particular areas you would like to explore.  You will be emailed the charts we will be working on beforehand,  if necessary (natal,  progressed, return, relocation, etc.). If your number is eligible on my worldwide calling plan, I will take the cost of the call. Outside of the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.,  no cell phones please.

Yearly birthday readings are at the same rate for the natal reading, and include the Solar Return.  However, a shorter session is available for $100 for an hour.

Life Coaching:  From time to time I will accept clients and students for life coaching sessions.  After an initial reading, if a longer relationship is deemed necessary or is desired, I will occasionally accept a life coach client at a rate of $60 per hour.  There is a three session minimum, either weekly or every two weeks.  I reserve the right to terminate the sessions at any time after the initial agreement is fulfilled, which I will do if I feel they are not helping. 


Synastry Readings

Dawn has specialized in synastry for over fifteen years.  Her relationship readings focus on understanding the particular needs of each partner and the often complex role each plays in the other’s spiritual evolution.  Relationships readings include a relationship needs profile for each party, individual progressions, a comparison of the natal charts, the midpoint and Davison composite charts and the progressed charts for both midpoint charts.  Other charts may be used if necessary.  A Draconic comparison (detailed comparison of the Nodal contact) is available for an extra $100.

Basic synastry (comparison of two charts in a romantic or familial situation) is $275 for a 90 minute session.  It is conducted the same way as a natal reading with room for a follow up  after the session.  Inclusion of additional parties is $75 for each set of data required. 

Written Synastries are now only available on a special case basis (for example, if a client’s command of English is not good).  Please email me if you need a written report.  The fee is $300 and up, depending on the number of charts involved.  Please email for fees for more than two charts, or other comparisons.  WRITTEN SYNASTRIES ARE LIMITED TO FIVE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP.  I will use the natals, composites, progressions, progressed composites, draconics, and any other charts deemed necessary, but the written synastries will be limited to these five questions.

Currently, recorded Synastries are available in a WMA format only.  While it isn’t my preferred method of doing readings I understand that there are exceptional situations where a normal consultation is not possible.

General Astrological Inquiries:

If you have a question or an inquiry that does not require a full reading or synastry (general career or relationship issues, etc.) Dawn is available for consultation. The fee is $100 per hour.  Half hour sessions will no longer be available, as 30 minutes is not enough time to cover any area with accuracy and depth.  Exceptions will be made for former students.

Off The Cuff Readings: Twice a year, around the solstices, Dawn sets aside weeks for off-the-cuff, spontaneous natal readings.  These sessions make astrology affordable to all.  The readings are $60 dollars and last about 45 minutes.  An accurate birth time is required.   The next block will be scheduled some time around the Winter solstice of 2016.

NEW! Family Themes Reading: This type of reading stems from some of the more in-depth work I’ve done with clients. We discuss familial patterns/signatures and themes that occur both within a single natal chart and in the charts of the relations themselves: parents, grandparents, children, siblings, etc. The reading lasts 90 minutes and we can take a look at up to five charts. The fee is $150 per ninety minutes. This is the only reading I give where I’m strict about time; extra time will be charged at $50 per half hour intervals. Accurate birth times for parents and grandparents are not necessary, but an idea of the time of birth is helpful.

NEW!  Draconic Synastry Reading:  Relating from the point of view of soul development, in relation to the nodes, with the emphasis on spiritual growth. The fee is $150 if done independent of a synastry.  Adding a detailed draconic reading to a regular synastry is an extra $100.


Personal astrology tutoring is temporarily suspended.  I am currently working on expanding the curriculum to include intermediate and advanced classes in chart interpretation and synthesis.  It seemed to me after many years of teaching that students learn better with a format that is half-structured and half tailored to their own needs.  My basics course is the Foundations Course,which will be available shortly in written format.  This course will eventually be available in mp3 format as well.  It is designed for self-study.  Intermediate and Advanced courses will be announced from time to time, including the Deep Cuts sessions.   They will focus on chart synthesis, the use of dispositors and house rulerships, advanced transit interpretation and advanced aspect interpretation, including phasal relationship. 

All lessons are done by phone (except the Foundations course), and students must either have Solar Fire or access to Most class material, including charts, will be sent in advance.  There may be some homework/writing involved, depending on the assignments.  Please see the “Courses, Classes and Lessons” page for more details.

PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE VIA PAYPAL.COM.  Please remember to pay in U.S. Dollars. In most cases, I will invoice you.  If you have any questions about Paypal, please ask.  You do not need a Paypal account and you can use any major credit or debit card.

  1. Lynn Harbaugh 01.23.10 / 12pm

    Hi, Dawn,

    When is your next Recession Weekend Special? I found your site quite by chance (can’t remember what I clicked on!!) and would really like the opportunity to have a session with you.


    Lynn Harbaugh

  2. alcuin9 01.23.10 / 1pm

    Hi Lynn,

    Why don’t you contact me at I’ve just finished doing a block of these over Christmas, but we can work something out.

  3. susan 05.25.10 / 3pm

    hi there, i tried to email u at the email listed above, but it says
    your mailbox is down. please let me know when your next recession special is, thanks.

  4. alcuin9 05.25.10 / 3pm

    Hi Susan,

    As far as I know, everything is working. The next specials will be announced very soon. I’ll email you privately.


  5. susan 06.07.10 / 2am

    can u give me your email again?

  6. alcuin9 06.07.10 / 9am
  7. Fantasy 08.12.10 / 3pm

    Hi, do you do email reading?
    If you do, how much is it?
    Thank you.

  8. alcuin9 08.12.10 / 7pm

    Hi, Fantasy–

    I do email readings, depending on what you want. Please email me at and we can discuss it.

  9. alcuin9 11.24.10 / 8pm

    Hi Pamela, There are some openings available, as students had a number of unexpected incidents last month which caused them to drop out (blame Jupiter/Uranus). Please email me privately at and we can discuss this further. I’ve recently had a computer meltdown and will be getting a new computer going over the holiday weekend, but I’m sure I’ll be able to get back to you by early next week.

  10. Ellen Nicholas 06.04.11 / 3pm

    Just wanted to tell you how thrilled and also emotional I feel right now, having read your essay just now on the IC/MC connection in Synastry. My BF is incompatible in so many ways, but his Moon and Jupiter is right on my IC, which is ruled by Saturn and I also have Saturn exactly opposite to my MC!! My moon is also on his Ascendant. I am looking forward to reading more about these themes and also have a reading with you. I find your ideas unique, and also easy to understand. Thank you SO much.

  11. Dawn Bodrogi 06.04.11 / 3pm

    Thank you, Ellen.

  12. erickaf 04.13.12 / 10pm

    do you do profections in your readings?

  13. Dawn Bodrogi 04.14.12 / 6am

    Not usually, erica. I can, but I find there is enough information without them. I use progressions and the draconic chart extensively.

  14. erickaf 04.19.12 / 11pm

    oh I see thanks.

  15. DonnaBahama 05.27.13 / 12pm

    Hello there. I cannot wait to see your NEW Draconic Synastry Reading…I’ve been studing CoupleCompatibility for a few years now, and this will add to my knowledge of beliefs other than Western. I love this stuff!

  16. Vendela 08.07.13 / 1pm

    Hi I emailed to the address above about scheduling a reading but never received any response. Is there a new email to use? My coworker had also emailed and did not get a any info either. Thanks.

  17. Dawn Bodrogi 08.21.13 / 8am

    The email is valid and working. Please try again.

  18. Mary 12.30.14 / 9am

    Will there be off the cuff readings this year?

  19. Dawn Bodrogi 01.06.15 / 1pm

    This year, because of scheduling conflicts, the OTC readings will be pushed to the Equinoxes, in March and September. More soon.

  20. Mar 09.10.17 / 4pm

    I wanted to ask you something , let’s see if you can solve my doubt.
    in the natal reading you also make comments of the issues we are facing right now…etc that could be also the information we would get from a Solar return reading?
    it’s just I am not sure wich one would be the right for me, I want a natal reading but I would also like to know about my my issues of right now or the ones that are coming in a short term etc,

    Sorry for my English

    Anyway, thank you!

  21. Dawn Bodrogi 09.26.17 / 12pm

    In my experience, solar returns only give you a very general summary of the year ahead, whereas a regular natal reading usually includes the progressed chart (mine do) and that is what really tells you what this next year will be like, in great detail. The Solar Return only tells you what areas of life will be highlighted. The progressed chart goes into specifics.

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