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The Foundations Course, a course of Self-study, will be available in August.  The class offers the basics of chart interpretation and focuses on integrating the chart, creating meaning from a series of aspects.  Included is an ebook, charts, exercises, and lectures by yours truly covering the most important points of the chart.


The Dark Goddess, a course on the four major asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta) plus The Black Moon Lilith will be offered again in September 2015.  I know many of you have been waiting for this, and a number were turned away last time. The Dark Goddess offers a new perspective both on chart interpretation and on the integration of the masculine and feminine in the psyche.  It offers a new role model that transcends both traditional matriarchy and patriarchy.  The asteroids and the BML are our guides helping us negotiate the known universe, allowing us to be mature and effective in what we do.  Learn how to interpret their lessons.

Crossroads of Consciousness may be offered in October/November of 2015.  This is a class that focuses on the major crossroads we  share at the same times in life–the progressed lunar returns, the Saturn returns, Jupiter phases, the Nodal returns and hard aspects, and the fraught aspects outer planets make to themselves, which sort out the men from the boys and the women from the girls regarding our spiritual maturity.  It also focuses on the crisis years between 30 and 45 and the creative renaissance that is possible in our fifties and beyond.  This class will allow you to see your life as a series of meaningful spiritual hurdles we all must face, and gives clues as to how to handle them with grace.   It also focuses on how to read returns in general, allowing you to read those slippery Solar, Lunar, Venus and Mercury returns with more clarity.

Progressions Two, Progressions in Synastry, will be taught in the Winter of 2016.  Progressions in Synastry is only open to students of Progressions One, no exceptions.

A new Astrology and Alchemy group will be forming in spring.  The course centers around the role of the planets in creativity and manifestation, and is quite different from the other astrology classes offered.  Usually, the group stays together over several courses (not obligatory).  Students get to know one another and discuss assignments.  More details later for those who are interested.





  1. Jennifer Sablich 08.02.15 / 5pm

    Hi Dawn,
    I’m interested in the BML class . Are there still spaces avail? When is the class run, and how much does it cost

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Sablic

  2. Dawn Bodrogi 08.13.15 / 3pm

    Jennifer, I now teach BML as part of the Dark Goddess course. This course is coming up in September and details will be up soon. I have found that she is best understood in context with the four major asteroids.

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