Synastry Q & A: Sun Contre Venus and the Nice War

What do you make of Venus-Square-Sun in synastry?

Synastry chart: Sun at 25 Scorpio, Venus at 10 Libra, and another person with Sun at 10 Capricorn and Venus at 25 Aquarius. So you have two interlocking Venus-Sun squares, as well as both persons being Venus-Sun semi-square temperaments. In the composite Sun is in fact Cazimi conjunct Venus in Sag…

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This crops up more often than you would think, though it’s not usually mutual. Sun/Venus squares are common between partners. You have to pay attention to any ‘double-whammy’ in synastry (expression courtesy Stephen Arroyo–when aspects repeat themselves between charts), but with the Sun and Venus, we have very polite and courteous disagreement that rarely turns into an upheaval.

Mostly, the Sun/Venus square in and of itself does not cause a problem. One person’s instinctive spirit and life energy plays a role in developing the other person’s sense of worth and value. Both the Sun and Venus have a lot to do with taste–the kinds of things we enjoy and feel enriched by. When the Sun touches Venus between charts, no matter the aspect, the exchange can be one of mutual appreciation, ease, and tolerance, with the Sun stimulating Venus feelings in the other, and Venus instinctively appreciating the Sun. However, with the square, the Sun may shed a light on any Venus ‘issue’ the other person might have (the easier aspects are more likely to let things ride)–and it’s necessary to go back to the natal chart and see what kind of condition Venus is in to know what that might be. For example, Venus/Neptune might have addiction issues, or problems with seeing the reality of partnerships. The Sun person would either help the Venus person see the problem, or will instigate situations that cause the problem to arise. In aspect, the Sun is always dominant, and affects any planet it touches. It’s creative power nudges the other planetary energy into action, for better or worse. But always, with the Sun, there is light to be had.

In a natal chart, the furthest Venus can ever be from the Sun is 48 degrees–so in aspect, we’re looking at conjunctions, semi-sextiles, and semi-squares. (We won’t include noviles right now (40 degrees). Noviles divide the circle by 9, and are potent in mysterious ways.) You can look at it in sequence. With conjunctions, there are continual subtle adjustments throughout life both to the value system and to the expression of love and sometimes, our talents. We learn to appreciate the world around us. Growth in these areas becomes a focus, the Sun’s light working hand in hand with developing Venus themes. Semi-sextiles bring whatever conflicts between the spiritual self and the value system (and Venus issues) into a kind of nervous conflict that may or may not have resolution (outlets will be found by less tense aspects to other planets). By the time we get to the semi-square, the conflicting issues between the Sun and Venus have arranged themselves with some sort of clarity. We get to the point, spiritually, where something must be done. Sun/Venus semi-square types have some common patterns to overcome. One is the issue of making a choice between pleasing others or pleasing themselves. Another can be in not knowing what they really want–the Sun is dominant in its direction, but Venus may desire something else entirely. Sometimes, the battle between Venus and the Sun is about the ego versus the spirit–our Venuses need to feel appreciated in order for us to be happy; the Sun might want to go down another road entirely, and resolving the conflict between the two eventually leads to growth for both. Semi-squares are less clear in their conflict than squares, and are more complicated to resolve. We may live with this aspect a long time before we really ‘get’ it.

This is where the mutual Sun/Venus semi-square dance kicks in. Both the Sun and Venus of the other chart shed awareness on the internal Sun/Venus conflict in the natal. The Suns make a semi-square to one another, and the Venuses a sesquiquadrate. The differences between you are stimulating. This is especially true if the Sun and Venus aspects are in compatible signs–Scorpio/Capricorn, Libra/Aquarius in this case. The Sun brings light and Venus is a gentle taskmaster–there will be adjustments, but unless the rest of the chart indicates real conflict or a battle of wills, Sun/Venus is willing to change and to yield, and to put whatever awareness it gathers into practice. If there are conflicts in the relationship, they are more likely to be triggered by something else between the two charts.

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